Biden Did Bribe Ukraine

According to Viktor Shokin the then Prosecutor in Ukraine who was looking into Ukraine, Biden did “Broad as day” bribe the Ukraine Government to shut down any investigation into Burisma.

Viktor did a live video interview and in it he stated that if the American people were to look into the incident they would see he was not corrupt and that he was looking into the Burisma corruption and had started seizing assets from the company. Hunter Biden, then Vice President Joe Biden’s Son worked for Burisma as a board member. While Viktor did not specifically state they were investigating Hunter Biden, the investigation was still in it’s infancy.

According to Shokin the then Ukrainian President called him and told him if he was patriot he would shut the investigation down, because Ukraine was in a war with Russia and needed the U.S. Aid. Shokin said he shut the investigation down, and in stated that at no time was he under investigation for being corrupt, and that he has never been found to have committed any corruption, despite Mainstream Media in America stating that he was on multiple occasions.

In a popular video on the media platform Youtube Biden is seen bragging that he got the investigation into Burisma shut down with a threat of holding back or not even giving U.S. Aid to Ukraine. Yet no real calls for investigations have come forward into Hunter and Joe Biden and Burisma until recently when Senator Graham (R) S.C. of the Senate Judiciary Committee requested documents for one can only assume to hold an investigation on whether Joe Biden acted correctly.

Written by Stephan Ball

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