HB 2020 Will Come for Your Guns.

As Americans, many feel the right is inherent to own a military style weapon.

With the State of Virginia threatening to call out it’s National Guard on it’s own people because they will not hand in their guns and high capacity magazines and HB 2020 looming ahead for Oregon, do we have to fear? The answer is, Yes. With less than one percent of all homicides in the country committed by rifle, and still a strong call to disarm should worry us all. Their goal is to keep citizens from having sporting rifles which they deem “assault.” I have a sporting type rifle and it has not assaulted anyone, though it has defended me and my home since I brought it home and will continue to do so as long as I draw breath.

Will Kate Brown call out the Oregon National Guard to enforce HB 2020? As a retired police officer, most of the guys and girls I worked with in the Oregon State Police will not go door to door to get your weapons, if she wants enforcement she might have too use the National Guard, because many of the Sheriff’s in this state will declare their counties off limits or sanctuaries to such a law. Most city police will not enforce such a law either, so to get compliance she will have too use something besides the regular police.

Anytime a politician wants to take away your gun, or tax your ammo, or allow companies that make guns to be sued for the illegal actions of others we have a problem America. The only way to institute many of the socialist ideals and plans the left want is to disarm the country.

The United Kingdom banned firearm ownership in 1996 after a mass shooting, yet their murders in London continue at the same pace. The culprit, a knife most times or clubs. It is not the gun that is the problem, it is the increase in single parent homes, religious indoctrination, and a collapse of moral fabric.

Rifle related homicides remain less than once percent of the murders committed in the U.S. So why ban rifles? Well since rifles are tools that citizens can use to fight back against tyranny, with the left pushing farther against free speech, the media and social media censoring, increased taxation, less time for children in the home and more time with children being raised by the state with increases in school time and mandatory child service visits to the home.

I just want to make sure everyone knows what to do when it comes to HB 2020, vote against it. Vote out every politician who ever wants to take away your right to defend yourself. They have armed guards to guard themselves, we are our own armed guards. We should be enforcing the laws we currently have on the books, when those are enforced and don’t work, then look at something else. Right now they just want more laws for the everyday citizens, criminals already cannot have a rifle or pistol, is already illegal for them to possess them, why would they want to take yours? Ask yourself that before you cast a ballot.

Written by Stephan Ball

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