Defazio Lies During Impeachment Debate

Democrats in a panic Kamikaze in order to get Trump

With impeachment debates taking the stage on almost every media network, Oregonians are left holding the short end of the stick, especially those of us who live here and believe Donald Trump is doing a good job. Congressman Peter Defazio of Oregon’s 4rth Congressional District stood in front of Congress today and told them he represented the will of the people in saying the Trump should be impeached, when what Defazio really represents is California and New York’s interests in getting rid of Trump.

With Defazio serving more than thirty years in Congress, he is the very definition of the swamp, having lost touch with his constituents here in Oregon long ago, abandoning the things that Oregon holds dear to it in order to endear himself to the furtherance of the DNC. Defazio forgets that the 4rth district relies on timber, log trucks, jobs, relaxed gun control, and a strong military (military contracts make up 4% of the jobs). Yet he opposes those very things.

Polls in Oregon show that support for impeachment is down below fifty percent and that more Oregonians find it a waste of time. Many wonder about the Biden controversy and why Defazio is not insisting that it be looked into whether Vice President Joe Biden used his power and influence to get his Son, Hunter a job paying roughly 80k per month on the board of an energy company, despite having a lack of experience in the field. Then Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of the U.S. Ukraine Energy policy. This seems like a no-brainer for Defazio who apparently has the furtherance of the Democratic Party agenda on his plate more than exposing the corruption that he should be looking into.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Defazio Lies During Impeachment Debate

  1. All these Democrat “leaders” from Oregon are certainly not representing our family or any of our friends in Oregon. They all need to go!! Being a “public servant” should not be a full time career like they have all made it!!


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