Democrats Impeach Trump Except Gabbard and Van Drew

Voting present, shows Gabbard was not in favor of impeachment

With Congress voting to impeach President Donald Trump, it makes it the third U.S. President so impeached in our nation’s history, With Tulsi Gabbard (D. HI) and Jeff Van Drew (D NJ) the only Democrats to not vote yes, it looks almost partisan. Despite Nancy Pelosi saying repeatedly she would need bipartisan support for impeachment, she went ahead and did it anyway. Gabbard voted present for both articles.

With the impeachment process in the house lacking transparency from the beginning and held in the basement under lock and key, not one shred of evidence presented, and not one rebuttal witness called, Democrats did exactly what they said they would when Trump was elected, they impeached him, it was for conjecture and nothing then just as it is now, this impeachment should be considered a badge of honor for Trump who said he would fight for all of us against the swamp that is D.C.

With the growing controversy of Ukraine and the Bidens, and with Giuliani vowing that he has concrete evidence of money laundering on the part of the Bidens and other unnamed Democrats, will he be allowed to present the evidence to the Senate or will the Senate dismiss the foolish Democratic ploy from the very beginning?

With Pelosi saying that Trump’s legacy will always have a big black asterisk next to it, is a compliment as a “deplorable.” We who voted for him did not elect him to be like anyone else. We elected him to drain the swamp, and they sure are trying to stick him in jail or get him out of office for it. We need to think about what he has done for this country that would not have been done had he not been in office.

If Hillary Clinton would have been elected President, open borders would have been enacted, unemployment would have skyrocketed due to the influx of immigrants. It is likely that medicare for all would have been a thing, paid for by what was left of those of us who work. Increasing debt, China not being held accountable for it’s theft of U.S. Tech, North Korea would have continued testing nukes and missiles until perfected it’s capabilities making it the highest priority threat in the world, the continuation of the war on police, and continued under funding of the military, We the people would have continued to pay the majority of the bills for the U.N.

Think about these things and why you voted or didn’t vote for Trump. I understand he does not talk nice, and sometimes can come across mean and insensitive, however he is not our preacher, or there to be our friend, he is there to keep the evils of the night at bay, and to hold those accountable who were taking advantage of the system, he is there to drain the swamp. There is an election in less than a year, and lets make sure we count.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Democrats Impeach Trump Except Gabbard and Van Drew

  1. Voting “present” is a coward’s vote. Obama always voted “present” when he was in the Senate as he didn’t want a record of his votes to hurt him when he ran for President. Gabbard is taking a page from the Obama playbook.


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