Impeachment Virtually Assures Trump Re-election in 2020

In a surprise win, Donald Trump defeated beloved liberal Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016, it won’t matter who he faces in 2020.

With the impeachment of Donald Trump, his base, and a majority of independent voters will likely re-elect him in an even more lop sided electoral win in 2020. While I do not envy any liberal candidate that is going to face Trump, they will get crushed under the weight of the Democrats own self pity impeachment push and Trumps huge accomplishments during his tenure. The Trump base as it is called can only be upset that this has happened, it clearly filled with partisan and bias, with Democrats calling for his impeachment since before he took office.

Many of those in Congress, especially freshmen congressional candidates will face tough re-election bids with their obvious lack of decorum and inability to follow simple rules like the Constitution of the United States. The voters are not stupid, and many watched this farce with horror, candidates who are supposed to represent their districts who are in districts that voted for Trump by vast majorities have voted against the will of the people represented. The people of those districts will hold them accountable and will make them pay in 2020.

The only chance a Democrat had in the race against Trump was to come out as a voice of reason in those shambles. Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D HI.) seems to have perhaps put a spark of hope in her campaign with a “present” vote in the impeachment charade. Seemingly not wanting to take part in it.

Any candidate running against a Democrat who voted for impeachment will have an easy time making them wear the impeachment vote like a boat anchor around their neck in a sea of voters. No evidence introduced, hearsay evidence, and all of it starting in a basement by a person who did not even hear the call.

As a political correspondent and an accurate predictor of Trump’s 2016 win I am predicting that Trump will win again in 2020, no matter his opponent. The people of the country are pissed off that the Democrats would try and take their 2016 vote. Don’t let them take your 2020 vote.

Written by Stephan Ball

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