Pelosi Unlikely to Send Impeachment to Senate

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Now that Impeachment is done, it is likely that Nancy Pelosi will not send the articles in the impeachment to the Senate, She has been advised not to by a long time friend of the Clinton enthusiast Lawrence Tribe, who is a Harvard legal scholar. He has advised her that sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate will likely insure their immediate dismissal by Senator Lindsey Graham (R. S.C.) Graham is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and would likely request a dismissal upon the articles arrival in Senate for their sheer lack of any evidence. She has also been advised that at a minimum she should hold off to allow Senator Chuck Schumer (D NY) to leverage her position to get a trial with witnesses, even though this is unlikely.

Instead, Pelosi plans on holding the articles to allow the Democratic Presidential Candidates to have some leverage against President Trump in any upcoming debates or discussions, her statement about Trump always having an asterisk by his name from now on would be true and Democrats hope to be able to capitalize on it. With so little else they can campaign on, the only real thing would be destroyed should Pelosi turn it over to the Senate. Multiple legal scholars say that what Pelosi is doing is tantamount to Obstruction of Justice, but who would hold her accountable? Congress would have to act, and they are controlled by the Democrats.

When the Republicans take back the house in 2020, it is possible that whomever the Speaker is can have the impeachment expunged from the record and it would be like it never happened. With a Senate trial unlikely on this impeachment and it being unlikely that the Democrats win the Senate in 2020, it is very possible to see this impeachment hang over Trump’s head well into his second term when he is re-elected.

Written by Stephan Ball

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