Illegals Continue Their Rampage Despite Sanctuary Status

Salvador Martinez-Romero, an illegal alien living in sanctuary Oregon and preying upon people.

Janet Risch age 72 was killed at a Wells Fargo bank in Murrayhill Marketplace in Beaverton during a robbery when Salvador Martinez-Romero during the commission of a robbery stabbed her and her daughter, Debra Thompson, 52. Risch and Thompson were customers at the bank and were inside at the time according to Beaverton Police.

A man, Ian Day age 26 was injured when Romero stole his car from the same parking lot, Romero stole another car later that day from Marsha Bashir 50, who was also taken to hospital for injuries suffered during the theft. Romero was unsuccessful in running from officer later that day, and was apprehended, is currently facing Murder and Attempted Murder Charges stemming from the incident.

What should shock every American and Oregonian is that Governor Kate Brown, like her fellow governors to the North and South is unapologetic about Oregon’s sanctuary status, even though it is unconstitutional to award sanctuary status over Federal Law. Having yet to have been tried in the Supreme Court, and likely to eventually be heard will be the fact on whether state should have to go by Federal Immigration Law, and/or Federal Gun Control Law.

With the tensions high in Virginia regarding their recently passed gun control, and purported enhanced criminal justice funding for violators, with Virginia National Guard weighing in, and saying that they will not be used for gun confiscation no matter what the governor says, and in many Democratically controlled states on what many patriots see as the Constitutionality of Sanctuary laws, are they or aren’t they?

With Marijuana illegal at the federal level and 11 states having no legalized it, still it is illegal and you can be arrested for having it by any Federal Law Enforcement Officer. The same can be said of Sanctuary status for illegal immigration, even though it is illegal for a police officer in Oregon at the state, county, and city level to ask immigration status, federal officers can still enforce immigration laws in Oregon.

With tensions rising, something will eventually have to give. Where do Americans and Oregonians fall on these issues? Why does the mainstream media fail to cover sanctuary crimes?

Written by Stephan Ball

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