California Ranks First for Mass Shootings

Senator Kamala Harris a California Democrat who favors gun control.

According to The Gifford Law Center a notoriously left leaning gun control advocate has listed California as the leader in nation for mass shootings this year. With California having the strictest gun control laws in the country, and the highest mass shooting rate, has many saying that California has a high population compared to other states. With just over 12% of the nations population and having more than 20% of the mass shootings that argument does not make sense. The only argument that makes sense is that gun control does not work.

With Oregon having recent attempts at gun control of it’s own and with future tries on the upcoming ballot, we need to be wary of past practices of gun control elsewhere, especially with an estimated 108, 000 new residents since the 2016 election. With most of the new population coming to Oregon moving here from California, it stands to reason that they will bring their voting practices with them.

Even farther south of California is the country with the strictest gun control in North America. Mexico has only one gun store in the country and with the red tape it is almost impossible to even get a gun permit there. If you do manage to get a permit to own a gun, then you may buy one, but in only one caliber, .22. Yet, Mexico has the highest murder rate on the continent. You are 500 times more likely to be killed in Mexico than you are if you are in Canada or the United States.

So why implement gun control? No one ever surrendered their rights voluntarily until after they had been disarmed. With many of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates coming out as socialists, and all in favor of some kind of gun control, we have a lot to worry about. Talk to your friends, and get their friends to talk to their friends. We need the vote to get out.

Written by Stephan Ball

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