Kamala is Out for 2020 Presidential Bid.

The Democratic Senator from California, Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race. Harris was torpedoed by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard during a live televised debate, where Gabbard called out Harris for locking up people for smoking and dealing marijuana when Harris was the Attorney General of California and then when Harris was asked about smoking pot, she just laughed. Harris also is known for threatening single Mothers will jail time for not sending their kids to school, this did not go over well and may well come back to haunt her if she ever tries to run again.

Harris faced low donations after the Gabbard incident, and had to lay off staff. In order to hide the subsequent embarrassment of being behind Gabbard in polling by more than five percentage points, she resigned.

President Trump tweeted a farewell to her sarcastically as we all know he does, she sniped back telling him she would see him at his trial without the house having even had a vote to actually impeach the President yet. Did she just signal to America that the fix was in from her party? That all Democrats will fall in line?

Written by Stephan Ball