Second Day of Trump’s Defense Exposes Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden connected with Burisma

After the second day of President Trump’s Impeachment Defense in the Senate. We got to listen to Pam Bondi expose the true “Quid Pro Quo Joe” by showing that Biden did withhold aid to Ukraine until the then Prosecutor who was investigating his Son (Hunter Biden’s) boss was fired. This aid came in the form of U.S. loan guarantees. This information had been suppressed in the House Impeachment proceedings. Pam Bondi made a brilliant case of why it should be Joe and Hunter Biden who should be on trial for money laundering, bribery, extortion, and coercion, and not President Trump.

The second part of the day was Alan Dershowitz, an esteemed Constitutional Law Professor came in and explained to the Senate how Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress are not impeachable offenses, even if Trump committed said offenses. Explaining that just about every President before Trump has committed some type of obstruction of Congress, it is why we have separation of powers in our Constitution.

The Defense Managers for the President have one more day to finish with the defense of the President, and stand to reconvene at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Written by Stephan Ball

Pelosi Wants Democrats Exempt from Investigations

With the impeachment defense team presenting today in the Senate, I wanted to add fuel to the fire building under their statements. With their case collapsing Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, resorted to speculation on what Trump would do in the future in their closing arguments, not in what he did, but what he will do and might do, and was possibly thinking when he did what he did. You could not even make this stuff up a year ago, if someone told you that this would happen, even Democrats would have laughed you out of the room. Now apparently they are all on board, well not all, some of them have jumped ship, even coming to the Republican’s side.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seems fine with wanting to investigate everything having to do with Trump and all of his associates, when you mention any Democrat, it is a so-called nothing-burger.

  1. Joe Biden should be investigated along with Hunter Biden for their involvement in Burisma, a complete and full investigation.
  2. Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her mishandling of classified emails by using a private server.
  3. Bill Clinton should be investigated for the 26 times he flew to Jeffrey Epstein’s island and according to more than one witness had sexual relations with underage girls.
  4. John Brennan and Jame Clapper should be investigated for their involvement in the Steele Dossier and how as a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community they worked with the Clinton Campaign to make the Russia-Trump thing a reality.
  5. Eric Holder, should be arrested and prosecuted for Contempt of Congress, one of the charges the impeachment was based on for President Trump, He should be investigated for his role in the sale of guns to cartels and the use of those guns in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.
  6. James Comey should be immediately arrested and charged with leaking classified material, or mishandling classified material, and investigated for obstruction of justice in the mishandling of the Clinton-email investigation.
  7. Barrack Obama should be investigated for his involvement with the selling of guns to the Mexican Drug cartels, the giving of money to Iran in violation of U.S. Iran Sanctions, It should be investigated on what he knew about the FISA abuses and if he ordered such abuses, it should be investigated to see if he was in collusion with the Biden’s on Ukraine and Burisma, and Finally his connection for Quid Pro Quo and George Soros should be fully investigated.

Democrats are not above the law, actually whenever they come out strongly against someone or something in the news such as a collusion accusation with Trump colluding with Russia, we actually know that Hillary was then colluding with Ukraine and Crowdstrike to influence the election. Democrats thrive on protective camouflage, their accusations are what they use to protect them from you accusing them, “We accused you of that first, you can’t investigate us for that.” When they are the ones doing it for the most part.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democratic Corruption Causes Impeachment

With corruption rampant in her party, Deflection is Pelosi’s only Recourse

Hunter Biden was kicked out of the U.S. Navy for Cocaine usage, still he manages to pull down a 600k a year job in the energy sector with no experience, and he did it in Ukraine, where he did not even speak the language. How? His Father Joe Biden the Vice President of the United States of America was put in charge of the United States-Ukraine energy policy, which allowed Joe to funnel billions of U.S. Tax dollars to Ukrainian Energy Companies. Hell, Joe and Barrack were even warned that Hunter’s involvement was a conflict, what did they do? Nothing.

The Latvian law enforcement memo identified a series of loan payments totaling about $16.6 million that were routed from companies in Beliz and the United Kingdom to Burisma through Ukraine’s PrivatBank between 2012 and 2015.

The flagged funds were “partially transferred” to Hunter Biden, a board member at Burisma since May 2014, and three other officials working for the Ukrainian natural gas company, the Latvian memo said.

The letter asked Ukrainian officials for any evidence about whether the funds were involved in corruption and whether Ukrainian officials were investigating Burisma and the recipients of the money.

“On the grounds of possible legalization of proceeds derived from criminal activity and corruption, please grant us permission to share the information included in the reply to this request with Latvian law enforcement entities for intelligence purposes only,” the letter said.

Arturs Saburovs, the Third Secretary at the Latvian embassy in Washington, confirmed his country flagged the transactions in February 2016 after seeing public reports that Burisma was under investigation in Ukraine and that Hunter Biden served on the company’s board. He said Latvia did not receive any evidence back from Ukraine to further its investigation.

Victor Shokin, the then prosecutor for the Ukrainians was told by his own government to back off of the prosecution of Hunter Biden and Burisma. He had been told that the Ukrainians needed the U.S. Aid and that Joe Biden had threatened to take the aid with him when he left if Shokin did not back off, Shokin said he was accused of corruption, never arrested and never prosecuted and conveniently Hunter Biden and his Burisma Associates walked free.

When President Trump decided to dig into this matter, Democrats panicked, already having voted on impeachment with embarrassing results, they started investigations with a mysterious “whistleblower” who some do not believe even exists. During their impeachment proceedings they brought in a hem haw group of hardcore Democrats to testify to what we already know, That Donald Trump does not like corruption and that Democrats do not like Donald Trump.

In order to cover for their own and possibly to cover up family involvement in dealings with Ukraine, according to sources Paul Pelosi Jr. has traveled to Ukraine multiple times and represented himself as working for the office of Nancy Pelosi while doing business. It was confirmed that Paul was a member of the board of Viscoil, a Ukrainian energy company, again, little to no experience in the field but with a powerful Democratic family member.

The Stepson of John Kerry, the former Secretary of State was also in business with Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz. Together the two young men created Rosemont Capital in 2009, populated by loyal Democratic investors the company has since made lucrative deals with foreign investments that coincide with the Obama/Biden’s administrations foreign dealings. One of which was Hunter Biden securing a 1.5 billion dollar deal with China just days after accompanying the then Vice President to China.

This is whole impeachment is just protective camouflage, the Democrats have no choice but to impeach Trump for looking into their corruption, because if he finds it and uncovers it, they go down, well at least the old ones do. With the Democratic party fragmented by the 40+ freshmen congressional delegates they cannot afford corruption scandals as the younger generations of even further left Democrats will likely socialize the party and costing them any chance at a presidency anytime in the near future.

Written by Stephan Ball

The Field Tightens and Booker, Williamson, and Castro Fold.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is lagging behind in many polls.

With field tightening it seems like every day, Senator Booker from New Jersey is the latest victim in the ever closing field as he suspends his campaign. Last week Julian Castro, and Marianne Williamson both closed up shop. With just a few weeks left until the Iowa Caucus many are sizing up the field, polls are mixed with those who are left. Many polls have Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont as the front-runner.

Still in the race in no particular order are Senator Klobucher, Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, Former Vice President Biden, Andrew Yang, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyr, Pete Buttigieg, Deval Patrick, and Michael Bloomberg.

With more likely to fall before the actual caucus and many making accusations against the Democratic National Committee for improper practices is selections for debates and for the order of the caucuses, it feels a bit like the 2016 Republican primary race, except that this is far more depressing. These candidates have for the most part failed to ask the hard hitting questions of each other, except for Tulsi Gabbard who all but sank Kamala Harris in a debate when she pointed toward Harris’s hypocritical actions when she was the Attorney General of California. Perhaps as the field narrows the soft questions will get thrown aside and we can stop talking about Elizabeth Warrens skin routine and get to the more fundamental questions and answers.

Speaker Pelosi is expected to offer up to the house the articles of impeachment just after tomorrow’s debate, so as to allow the Senators campaigning time to get back to D.C. and participate in the process. Expect lots of showboating from them as they will likely jockey to come out on top.

Jan. 14Iowa Democratic debate
Feb. 3Iowa caucuses
Feb. 7New Hampshire Democratic debate
Feb. 11New Hampshire primaries
Feb. 19Nevada Democratic debate
Feb. 22Nevada Democratic caucuses
Feb. 25South Carolina Democratic debate
Feb. 29South Carolina Democratic primary
March 3Alabama primaries; American Samoa Democratic caucus; Arkansas primaries; California primaries; Colorado primaries; Maine primaries; Massachusetts primaries; Minnesota primaries; North Carolina primaries; Oklahoma primaries; Tennessee primaries; Texas primaries; Utah primaries; Vermont primaries; Virginia Democratic primary
March 10Idaho primaries; Michigan primaries; Mississippi primaries; Missouri primaries; North Dakota Democratic caucuses; Washington primaries
March 12Virgin Islands Republican caucuses
March 14Guam Republican caucuses; Northern Marianas Democratic convention; Wyoming Republican convention
March 17Arizona Democratic primary; Florida primaries; Illinois primaries; Northern Marianas Republican convention; Ohio primaries
March 21Kentucky Republican caucuses
March 24Georgia primaries; American Samoa Republican caucuses
March 29Puerto Rico Democratic primary
April 4Alaska Democratic primary; Hawaii Democratic primary; Louisiana primaries; Wyoming Democratic caucuses
April 7Wisconsin primaries
April 28Connecticut primaries; Delaware primaries; Maryland primaries; New York primaries; Pennsylvania primaries; Rhode Island primaries
May 2Guam Democratic caucuses; Kansas Democratic primary
May 5Indiana primaries
May 12Nebraska primaries; West Virginia primaries
May 19Kentucky Democratic primary; Oregon primaries
June 2District of Columbia primaries; Montana primaries; New Jersey primaries; New Mexico primaries; South Dakota primaries
June 6Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
June 7Puerto Rico Republican primary
July 13-16Democratic convention, Milwaukee, Wis.
Aug. 24-27Republican convention, Charlotte, N.C.
Sept. 29First presidential debate, Notre Dame, Ind.
Oct. 7Vice presidential debate, Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct. 15Second presidential debate, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Oct. 22Third presidential debate, Nashville, Tenn.
Nov. 3Presidential election

Written by Stephan Ball

Never before in U.S. history have we seen memorabilia for President like that for Trump social media TikTok represents.

TikTok popular social media app where users share videos is not unlike other social media venues but one thing very notable is Trump support.

Users uploading Trump support of Trump is next level. Very popular with Hollywood celebrities and people of all ages never before in U.S. history do you see leggings hats shirts blankets cups flags car decor socks and signs blurting MEGA support for one U.S. President.

This can and only happen for Donald Trump. I do not believe there will ever be another time in U. S. History when we see support like this memorabilia buying and creating for a President of the United States. Below we link some of TikTok’s Trump support enjoy and share.

Written by Marie

U.S. Families continue to be target of ambush style attacks in Mexico

Image result for family attacked in mexico

An Oklahoma family returning to the U.S. from Mexican vacation was attacked by gunmen. Relatives saying that “Bullets were everywhere” after the fatal incident in a rarely traveled area near Texas boarder.

Family member who survived the attack Jose Mendoza, told Fox that Saturday night the family was on a two lane highway next to the U.S. Mexico boarder in Ciudad Mier. Oscar Castillo Lopez only 13 years old was killed while a 10 year old relative was among the injured family members according to the Attorney General’s office in the state of Tamaulipas.

Jose was driving in a car with niece and her two sons when they were suddenly chased by another vehicle. He believed they chased him because of his Oklahoma license plates. An SUV suddenly opened fire on them. Mendoza said ” I prayed and prayed”. ” I didn’t want to die right then”. His nephew was shot and he tried to stop the bleeding.

Nuevo Leon state prosecutor’s office deputy Luis Orozco said another small boy was in critical condition along with a 48 year old man and a 42 year old woman was in stable condition.

Attorney general’s office said the 13 year old was a U.S. citizen and her parents are permanent legal U.S. citizens. They also claim the section of highway the attack occurred is known Mexican drug cartel connected. Land between Laredo based Zetas and Ciudad Mier was uninhabited land is the upper most controlled land by cartel.

Ambushes on family vehicles and traveling groups of U.S. vehicles are major targets in Mexico. In November a family was attacked in a deadly ambush in Sonora prompting some to issue warnings for U.S. citizens considering travel in Mexico. Trump issued an appeal to help Mexican President to help with Mexican Cartel problems along the U.S. boarder and the offer was declined. Mexico has had ongoing problems with Law Enforcement corruption that allows the Cartel’s to grip the Country and letting illegal drugs free flow in Mexico and stream into the U.S..

Written by Marie

Pacific Northwest sends Fire Fighters to Australia

Image result for australia fires

Fires that broke out first in August of 2019 are continuing to destroy Austrialia in New South Wales and Queensland. Extreme conditions due to an extended drought, hot temps and relative humidity in single digits continue to aid in fires continuation.

Pacific Northwest is sending four more firefighters to Australia to battle the extensive wildfires in Australia the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today. Firefighters are coming from Vale Prineville and Burns. They will join 13 firefighters from Oregon and Washington that are already fighting with Australian firefighters.

BLM firefighters aiding fire give more than just extra hand and muscle they give expertise in air tactical support and leadership skills. The United States have had a harsh fire season on the West Coast and 138 firefighters from Australia and New Zealand came to the area for 30 days to help in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. The last time the US sent firemen and women to Australia was 2010.

Written By Marie

Looking back at 2019 Cannabis sales

New data from the State of Oregon sales of Cannabis rose 24.1% with new strength in 2019 despite the vape crisis that hit in the Fall. Decline in consumer prices continue to be below 2017 even though prices are rebounding. Low prices can reinvigorate sales. Oregon demand made up for prices changes.

2017 sales $452.4 million according to OLCC. 2018 rose slightly more than anticipated to $548.5 million and 2019 had amazing $725.8 million in sales. these numbers don’t even reflect state’s medical marijuana program. States MM program have had decline in numbers which steadily stay between $60-70 million over the last three years.

Oregon took in a $184.3 million in cannabis tax revenue, smashing the projected 2015 number of $62.4 million. All due to recreational sales. Oregon’s Marijuana tax is still below other states at 17% and many know that if we raise the tax to match other states we can significantly increase the Tax Revenue for Oregon.

Written by Marie