Pacific Northwest sends Fire Fighters to Australia

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Fires that broke out first in August of 2019 are continuing to destroy Austrialia in New South Wales and Queensland. Extreme conditions due to an extended drought, hot temps and relative humidity in single digits continue to aid in fires continuation.

Pacific Northwest is sending four more firefighters to Australia to battle the extensive wildfires in Australia the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today. Firefighters are coming from Vale Prineville and Burns. They will join 13 firefighters from Oregon and Washington that are already fighting with Australian firefighters.

BLM firefighters aiding fire give more than just extra hand and muscle they give expertise in air tactical support and leadership skills. The United States have had a harsh fire season on the West Coast and 138 firefighters from Australia and New Zealand came to the area for 30 days to help in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. The last time the US sent firemen and women to Australia was 2010.

Written By Marie

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