U.S. Families continue to be target of ambush style attacks in Mexico

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An Oklahoma family returning to the U.S. from Mexican vacation was attacked by gunmen. Relatives saying that “Bullets were everywhere” after the fatal incident in a rarely traveled area near Texas boarder.

Family member who survived the attack Jose Mendoza, told Fox that Saturday night the family was on a two lane highway next to the U.S. Mexico boarder in Ciudad Mier. Oscar Castillo Lopez only 13 years old was killed while a 10 year old relative was among the injured family members according to the Attorney General’s office in the state of Tamaulipas.

Jose was driving in a car with niece and her two sons when they were suddenly chased by another vehicle. He believed they chased him because of his Oklahoma license plates. An SUV suddenly opened fire on them. Mendoza said ” I prayed and prayed”. ” I didn’t want to die right then”. His nephew was shot and he tried to stop the bleeding.

Nuevo Leon state prosecutor’s office deputy Luis Orozco said another small boy was in critical condition along with a 48 year old man and a 42 year old woman was in stable condition.

Attorney general’s office said the 13 year old was a U.S. citizen and her parents are permanent legal U.S. citizens. They also claim the section of highway the attack occurred is known Mexican drug cartel connected. Land between Laredo based Zetas and Ciudad Mier was uninhabited land is the upper most controlled land by cartel.

Ambushes on family vehicles and traveling groups of U.S. vehicles are major targets in Mexico. In November a family was attacked in a deadly ambush in Sonora prompting some to issue warnings for U.S. citizens considering travel in Mexico. Trump issued an appeal to help Mexican President to help with Mexican Cartel problems along the U.S. boarder and the offer was declined. Mexico has had ongoing problems with Law Enforcement corruption that allows the Cartel’s to grip the Country and letting illegal drugs free flow in Mexico and stream into the U.S..

Written by Marie

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