The Field Tightens and Booker, Williamson, and Castro Fold.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is lagging behind in many polls.

With field tightening it seems like every day, Senator Booker from New Jersey is the latest victim in the ever closing field as he suspends his campaign. Last week Julian Castro, and Marianne Williamson both closed up shop. With just a few weeks left until the Iowa Caucus many are sizing up the field, polls are mixed with those who are left. Many polls have Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont as the front-runner.

Still in the race in no particular order are Senator Klobucher, Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, Former Vice President Biden, Andrew Yang, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyr, Pete Buttigieg, Deval Patrick, and Michael Bloomberg.

With more likely to fall before the actual caucus and many making accusations against the Democratic National Committee for improper practices is selections for debates and for the order of the caucuses, it feels a bit like the 2016 Republican primary race, except that this is far more depressing. These candidates have for the most part failed to ask the hard hitting questions of each other, except for Tulsi Gabbard who all but sank Kamala Harris in a debate when she pointed toward Harris’s hypocritical actions when she was the Attorney General of California. Perhaps as the field narrows the soft questions will get thrown aside and we can stop talking about Elizabeth Warrens skin routine and get to the more fundamental questions and answers.

Speaker Pelosi is expected to offer up to the house the articles of impeachment just after tomorrow’s debate, so as to allow the Senators campaigning time to get back to D.C. and participate in the process. Expect lots of showboating from them as they will likely jockey to come out on top.

Jan. 14Iowa Democratic debate
Feb. 3Iowa caucuses
Feb. 7New Hampshire Democratic debate
Feb. 11New Hampshire primaries
Feb. 19Nevada Democratic debate
Feb. 22Nevada Democratic caucuses
Feb. 25South Carolina Democratic debate
Feb. 29South Carolina Democratic primary
March 3Alabama primaries; American Samoa Democratic caucus; Arkansas primaries; California primaries; Colorado primaries; Maine primaries; Massachusetts primaries; Minnesota primaries; North Carolina primaries; Oklahoma primaries; Tennessee primaries; Texas primaries; Utah primaries; Vermont primaries; Virginia Democratic primary
March 10Idaho primaries; Michigan primaries; Mississippi primaries; Missouri primaries; North Dakota Democratic caucuses; Washington primaries
March 12Virgin Islands Republican caucuses
March 14Guam Republican caucuses; Northern Marianas Democratic convention; Wyoming Republican convention
March 17Arizona Democratic primary; Florida primaries; Illinois primaries; Northern Marianas Republican convention; Ohio primaries
March 21Kentucky Republican caucuses
March 24Georgia primaries; American Samoa Republican caucuses
March 29Puerto Rico Democratic primary
April 4Alaska Democratic primary; Hawaii Democratic primary; Louisiana primaries; Wyoming Democratic caucuses
April 7Wisconsin primaries
April 28Connecticut primaries; Delaware primaries; Maryland primaries; New York primaries; Pennsylvania primaries; Rhode Island primaries
May 2Guam Democratic caucuses; Kansas Democratic primary
May 5Indiana primaries
May 12Nebraska primaries; West Virginia primaries
May 19Kentucky Democratic primary; Oregon primaries
June 2District of Columbia primaries; Montana primaries; New Jersey primaries; New Mexico primaries; South Dakota primaries
June 6Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
June 7Puerto Rico Republican primary
July 13-16Democratic convention, Milwaukee, Wis.
Aug. 24-27Republican convention, Charlotte, N.C.
Sept. 29First presidential debate, Notre Dame, Ind.
Oct. 7Vice presidential debate, Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct. 15Second presidential debate, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Oct. 22Third presidential debate, Nashville, Tenn.
Nov. 3Presidential election

Written by Stephan Ball

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