Oregon Elementary School employee test positive for Coronavirus linked to sellout of protective masks across Oregon.

Oregon has confirmed positive coronavirus CODIV-19 test from a Washington County resident. This marks the third positive case where the person did not travel outside the U.S..

The patient is at Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro, officials said. Some reports claim the patient works at Forest Hill Elementary school in Lake Aswego. Exposure to students and staff is being looked into.

Claims by U.S. Doctor says protective masks such as N95 air pollution mask available at most department stores home improvement stores and medical supply stores are all sold out and unavailable from online retailers can prevent the virus. Hand washing and use of rubbing alcohol and latex gloves with mask use was the best recommendation.

Jerry’s Home Improvements, Springfield location said today they have been flooded in store and over the phone with inquiries about the masks since confirmed Oregon case. Now reports from across the U.S. are all similar.

“You extremely lucky to find them anywhere” said salesman from Pleasant Hill FARM Supply who unpacked a new shipment today. “Sold by a box of 10 for around $24 I’m extremely happy to have gotten them” said an Oakridge Oregon mom who said she isn’t a prepper, but said she does want to be properly prepared in case predictions of pandemic illness is even remotely possible.

Sales of latex gloves are also very top sales according to retail giant Walmart. Manager of the Eugene W 11th Walmart said today they have been sold out at all locations and have stopped online sales of them and masks. Available now only by in-store sales when availability allows.

Written by Marie

Greater Idaho Could be a Choice for Voters

The proposed borders of Greater Idaho

With Democrats in Oregon seeming to not care about the conservative base in their states and issues like cap n trade, and gun control, taking the stage many conservatives are fed up. The Greater Idaho Initiative has taken it upon itself to ask the rural communities of Oregon to join Idaho and make one big state together. Representative Gary Leif of Douglas County has sign that supports the movement and himself supports anyone who wants to leave the liberal lifestyle behind them and join Idaho. With the current map Greater Idaho would have coastline and it would make it the only conservative state on the west coast. The total number of counties that move to Idaho is approximately 14 Oregon Counties and the six northern counties of California.

Residents in these mostly conservative counties feel under represented in their state legislatures, in the six northern counties of California they are represented in their California Legislature by less than that representation of the population of Los Angeles County alone.

In Oregon the 14 counties that wish to secede are voted against by liberal Salem, Eugene, and Portland. Many times on issues that affect eastern and southern Oregon, these issues are not even considered or are voted against outright, with rural communities making up most of the locales that are thinking about this change, it feels like they will be better represented by their elected leaders if those leaders all come from the same background.

The second amendment is being infringed by liberal states along the west coast, Idaho is one of the strongest states in the country with regards to supporting the second amendment and many people are tired of the infringements, other things Greater Idaho promotes are economic stability, and religious liberty.

According to the website, the process could take two or three years, but we may see it on the ballot by November. Will voters vote to allow these counties to secede? Setting those of us who do not want to be on this train ride to socialism with you would be the humane thing to do, but we are talking about the party of Abortion, she it is likely liberals will want us to ride this disaster out with them.


Written by Stephan Ball

Bloomberg Will Likely be a Target at Democratic Debate.

Billionaire Globalist Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg has shown the apparently money can buy you a place on the Democratic Debate stage. That stage may well end up a place he does not want to be, as Bloomberg will likely face scrutinizing statements about his “Stop and Frisk” policies he kept in place when he was the New York City Mayor, in fact they were increased six fold under Bloomberg with limited results, often times targeting minorities.

In a field where everyone is supposed to be against the billionaires this globalist billionaire with huge investments in China comes out swinging against President Trump. Likely because of Trump’s stiff stance on Chinese trade, and intellectual property theft. With a Chinese trade agreement in place, many of the advantages Bloomberg receives while operating in China will be gone. Bloomberg is a stiff anti-gun advocate, though his has armed body guards with him at all times. Another thing to consider is that he is actively considering Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential Candidate.

Bloomberg could face questions of sexual harassment claims and Non-disclosure agreements his staff has all been made to fill out and that he will not release anyone from. Bloomberg has a lot of skeletons in the closet so to speak and we might get to see some of them come to light. He has been criticized for telling one of his subordinates to kill her unborn baby so she could get back to work, and that he talked about another female employee saying ” I want a piece of that meat.”

Many of those running against Bloomberg are upset at the Democratic National Committee easing the donor restrictions for qualifying for the debate, in what they see is a move designed to allow him access to the debate stage. If Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are on point and at all predictable at least one of them will attempt to disarm Bloomberg with exposing both the stop and frisk issue and the sexual harassment history.

Written by Stephan Ball

Oakridge Council has the Potential to Save Hundreds of Thousands on Police Services.

The City of Oakridge has raised water rates twice recently to cover fiscal shortfalls

The Cities of Creswell and Veneta have police services with the Lane County Sheriff’s Department, and by all accounts are happy with the services. Each small outreach serves the communities with a Sergeant and three or four deputies, providing 24 hour coverage.

This coverage is more than Oakridge has according to some of the residents who when they call in the wee hours of the morning are informed on occasion there is not an officer on duty and when one comes on he will get with them. But there are times when you go to the Oakridge Police Department during the day and there are two officers on duty at one time. Is it scheduling or is it a lack of budgeting for officers? Well according to the police department budget of $1,156,729 they are are slotted for three police officers, a communications supervisor, a Chief of police and a part time officer worker.

The City of Creswell pays the Lane County Sheriff’s Department $787,160 for three full time deputies and a Sergeant. This gives Creswell full time patrol 24/7. With this is a contract that includes all police services and with Deputies still citing traffic violations and city ordinance violations into Creswell’s Municipal Court. With this cost being $369,569 less than what Oakridge pays for the same services the city council is now fiscally negligent to not immediately consider this programs implementation.

With recent financial settlements in 2018 and 2019, poor financial management of the previous administration, a failing water system, an outdated sewage treatment plant the city continues to raise water rates to cover expenses. A yearly savings of more than 300k would allow the city to explore a surface water system, a replacement system for the current treatment plant, and would not have to raise water rates.

According to many of the citizens of Oakridge the water tastes bad, leaves their tubs and dishes discolored, and has had a history of having Tetrachloroethylene in small amounts and a well field with limited space left to drill in the field. With no real room to expand the field and the existing wells, the city will soon be left with little choice but to explore surface water treatment solutions.

Councilor Paul Forcum was responsive to the idea and as the Chairman of the public safety committee has an interest in seeing the city be fiscally responsible, and also have 24/7 competent police coverage.

When Councilors Hollett, Whitney and Mayor Holston for the City of Oakridge were running for their positions they took strong positions against replacing the police department, they all have voted to increase the water each time it has come before the council. Perhaps when faced with the actual numbers they will reconsider raising the rates of citizen’s water rates, but instead find other fiscally responsible ways to spend the citizen’s money.

For those who are interested in seeing what they get for their money I have included a inter-agency agreement between Lane County and Cresswell.

Written by Stephan Ball

Chief Campaign Contributors to Kate Brown do Business in China.

Kate Brown, signs agreement with China.

The largest campaign contributors to Governor Kate Brown’s campaign have been corporations that do business in China, or have factories primarily in China. Kate Brown’s Campaign contributors for the past year, Nike Inc. ($134,365); Bloomberg LP ($250,000); AT&T ($10,000); PacificSource Health ($6,224); CH2M Hill ($4,700); Alaska Air ($3,500); Hewlett Packard ($2,000); and Pitney Bowes ($2,000) Nike, AT&T, and Alaska Air have corporate dealings with and in China. Bloomberg, and Peacehealth support Kate in her allowing illegals to use state money for medical coverage, that money is your taxes.

With Cap N Trade morphed with a short session this year, and the short session not being designed to consider the proper magnitude of the new cap n trade bill which is in debate right now, if it were passed the cost of the bill would be passed on to the average Oregon family of four in the amount $650 a year. Because of the time constraints of the short sessions passing the bill in this short session in negligent for any politician, the cost to the average Oregon family may not be known until after the bill is in place. Something we as Americans are familiar with when Democrats pushed through mandatory healthcare read the bill after you pass it and took the consequences.

Oregon will be the second state in the country to adopt a Economy wide Can n Trade system if the new bill introduced last week passes. This bill has the support Brown and her staff. Under the new bill the companies discharging into atmosphere more than 25,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide would have to purchase permits called allowances or credits, these credits could be purchased and sold among members of the Western Climate Initiative. According to the Western Climate Initiative Website the members are Nova Scotia, Quebec, and California. Companies in Oregon could trade or sell or buy pollution credits from or to companies in any member state or province.

According to the rules of the WCI, credits could be sold to members of other Climate Initiatives around the world, one guess who the largest Cap n Trade Carbon Initiative holder is through the United Nations? That’s right China! The same China that Oregon’s Nike has factories in, polluting the environment, selling Oregon pollution credits to China for Nike Campaign Contributions? Legal for now, at least until China buys it’s first credit from Oregon. Not only has Oregon sold it’s jobs to Nike, but now it’s about to sell it’s air and water.

Even though the International Energy Agency announced that in 2019 the United States had the greatest reduction of greenhouse gases of any country in the world. The largest single producer in the world was China. Even when putting trade pressure on China, implementing USMCA Donald Trump was able to get the Carbon Emissions to drop faster in this country than any other country on the planet.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Belittles Patriots.

Gadsen Flag used in the Revolutionary War to bolster support.

On Sunday in New Hampshire, one of the founding colonies, Former Vice President Joe Biden said that people do not need “50 clips in a weapon.” indicating that he did not know that a clip is something you use in your hair or to hang laundry and that a “Magazine” can hold 30, 50, and even 75 rounds of ammunition in some cases. A magazine is what you insert into a weapon when you want to provide the weapon with ammunition.

In the same town hall, when responding to a question about when the tree of freedom needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots once in a while, Senile old Joe said, ‘The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots’ – a great line, well, guess what: The fact is, if you’re going to take on the government, you need an F-15 with Hellfire Missiles. There is no way an AK-47 is going to take care of you if you’re worried about the government knocking down your door.”

What Former Vice President Biden fails to take into account is that almost none of the military would come out to fight against it’s citizens if the sides were evenly drawn, or the military would take sides down the middle and fight between itself. Either way, crazy Joe has it in his head that everyone with an AK-47 needs to be gotten with a hellfire. Under President Obama three American Citizens were killed in airstrikes. According to Amnesty International, all three American deaths were in violation of international law, It is the duty of a countries leader to take every step to insure Due Process is used before carrying out a summary judgement of execution of one it’s citizens.

It is not clear whether crazy Joe is still thinking about the three Americans he and Obama killed, or if he plans on using hellfires to take your AK-47’s. With his fourth place finish in Iowa, and it being predicted that he will finish fourth or worse in New Hampshire, he is probably done in his bid for the White house.

Written by Stephan Ball

Oregon Couple Receives AKC Boston Terrier Litter of the Year Award.

In December 2019, Sergeant Major Chapin and Sunni Skye Chapin became the parents of the America Kennel Club’s Boston Terrier Litter of the year. According to AKC the litter of 10 viable puppies was the largest litter of the year, and to have every puppy survive in a litter is amazing to them, with the usual litter ranging around 4-6 puppies and in many cases one of those does not survive.

With Sunni Skye being a black and white Boston with one blue eye and one brown eye, she passed on blue eyes to a couple of the puppies. Sunni was a good Mother according to the owner, she payed a lot of attention to the litter and often times had to be taken out of the litter’s proximity for her own health, she was fed a high volume of food and pre-natal vitamins prior to the birth and the high volume of food continued for her afterwards.

Sergeant Major Chapin better known as”Sarge,” a reddish colored male who is the service dog for a Disabled Veteran, it was Sarges first time studding out his services according to his owner. AKC also gave Sarge an award for the year, as the largest litter for a Boston Terrier Stud.

According to the owners all of the puppies have homes and were a lot of work. Early mornings of feedings and all days of playing, with the puppies being born in the winter they are a short haired breed and needed to be kept warm with a heater on them, they slept in a big pile.

Written by Stephan Ball

Trump Acquitted, and no Longer Impeached

No! you have failed!

Today in the United States Senate, Members voted for the most part along party lines to acquit the President 52-48 on Article 1: Abuse of Power, and 53-47 on Article 2: Contempt of Congress. With Mitt Romney the only Republican to vote guilty on Article 1, he then voted not guilty on Article 2. Many in the GOP are calling to have him removed from the party for failing to stand with the President against this partisan coup attempt.

Romney was turned down by Trump for a job when Trump took office, he also had a friend and adviser who sat on the board of Burisma with Hunter Biden, calling into question his motives and suggesting that perhaps he should have abstained or declared a conflict of interests.

Mitt Romney is sure to face the wrath of his voters when he comes back to Utah where Trump’s favorable poll numbers among Republicans are in excess of 90 percent, polling also shows that if Romney were to vote guilty on impeachment, 60 percent of Republicans would hold that against him when it came time for re-election.

With acquittal out of the way the house will likely subpoena John Bolton, Nick Mulvaney and others to continue this charade, even though Trump cannot be tried for the same offense again, they can drag it out in the house to make for bad press throughout the election in hopes that it will give the Democratic Nominee some traction.

Senators have requested records associated with Hunter Biden, and Burisma, also State Department Records of Joe Biden who was the then Vice President, it is unsure what they intend to do with the records but rest assured they will be examined carefully by a fired up Trump based perhaps looking for a little “Quid Pro Quo” of their own.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats are Anything but Democratic

Vice President Joe Biden placed fourth in Iowa Caucuses.

With the Iowa Caucuses done and a disaster for Democrats, he learned something of their election process. They are not using Democracy to choose their candidate, they are using Delegates and Super Delegates to choose the candidate. Delegates vote with the will of the voters and each delegate votes with whomever won the popular vote in the area they represent, however Super Delegates are people who have served the “party” throughout the years ” in the trenches so to speak.”

When a leader was chosen in the old Soviet Union, sometimes they had a mock election, but it was the “party” those who had served in the Communist party for many years faithfully that had a vote, and a chance at becoming the Soviet Premiere. Sounds exactly that same, or pretty damn close.

This was the same process the Democratic Party used to steal the 2016 election from Bernie Sanders, they will use it again to steal the election or steer the election to whatever candidate the Democratic National Committee tells them too. For Pete Buttigieg to have beaten Bernie Sander, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden seems highly unlikely given the average voter has probably never even heard of the Mayor of South Bend Indiana. Well you have now, his name is Pete Buttigieg and he is apparently the delegate leader in Iowa as of now. The ” Party” has spoken.

Written by Stephan Ball

Donald Trump Nails The State of Union

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Donald J. Trump gave his third State of the Union address to Congress tonight. He started with an outline of how well the economy is doing, how regulations that had been stifling the economy had been cut and that the economy was pro-American and pro-growth. With recent successes in USMCA, and phase one of the Chinese trade deal. Touting 7 million new jobs, with the last administration having only having created 2 million jobs in the tech sector, with more jobs lost in the manufacturing sector.

President Trump also said that women are filling the new jobs at a rate of 72% of the new jobs being taken by women. Workers without a high school diploma now have more jobs than ever before in our countries history. He spoke about hundreds of thousands of people being brought off of food stamps and welfare. The bottom 10% of the country has seen a 47% increase in wages, three times faster than the top one percent.

Real household median income is the highest it has ever been in this country. People with 401k’s are reporting as much as a 100 percent increases under this new economy. Wealthy people are pouring people into poor neighborhoods creating employment for many in communities that would normally have none.

Criminal Justice Reform, was touted, people who were serving long prison terms for non-violent offenses. With changes to the system it would allow those who are serving long prison terms to be released and forces changes to sentencing guidelines to prevent it from occurring.

The President then went on to talk about the country being energy independent and having energy jobs at record numbers. America gaining 12,000 new factories, with plans to build many more. Companies that once left, or were planning on leaving are coming back, to the “place where the action is.”

President Trump touted unfair trade as one of the primary reasons on why he ran for office. President Trump said USMCA will bring 100k new jobs in the country and fair treatment on trade. The President talked about intellectual property theft in China and the tariff’s that have been imposed.

The President said “Socialism destroys nations” which might have been a thinly veiled shot at Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self avowed Socialist who is campaigning for the presidency. Trump went on to say that Freedom builds nations.

President Trump brought forward the last surviving Tuskegee Airman, and his Great-grandson, and honored them, it was a tearjerker when he went on announce that earlier that day he had promoted the one hundred year old man to Brigadier General.

President Trump spoke about a 4rth grade student Genia Davis, who is being raised by a single parent. She was declined school choice by the Pennsylvania Governor who vetoed school choice, instead Trump gave Genia a scholarship to her school of choice.

Trump announced a plan to offer vocational and technical training at every highschool in the nation. He went on to announce more money and grants available to black colleges and schools.

President Trump promised never to touch Social Security or Medicare, also announcing that he will never let socialism destroy American healthcare. President Trump slammed Democrats for wanting healthcare for illegal aliens, he spoke to the American people asking them to stand with him against illegal immigration and the drain it has on our resources as a country.

During his speech some of the Democrat Freshmen, stood and made some sore of chant, it was garbled and difficult to understand, but incredibly disrespectful. President Trump talked about eradicating the AIDS epidemic in the country by the end of the decade.

Trump paid respect to Rush Limbaugh who announced he was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, he then presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Melania placed the medal around Rush’s neck, it is the highest honor a civilian can earn in the country.

The President then went on talk about eight straight months of reduced border crossing at our southern border. He asked Congress to pass a law that would allow Americans to sue sanctuary cities and states for their sanctuary laws and the effect they have on the safety of the community. Citing that they had confirmed 187 new judges.

President Trump promised to protect the Second Amendment so long as he is President. He went on to say he wants America to be the first country to plant it’s flag on Mars. He cited the destruction of ISIS and it’s caliphate. Trump said “if you attack American citizens, you forfeit your life. “

To give President credit, he did not speak of impeachment, not one word of it, he was tactful and respectful, I was impressed by his candor.

Written by Stephan Ball