Oregon Continues to Decide Issues Voters Should

Kate Brown was the subject of a recall where she allowed two essentially similar recall petitions, when one would have assuredly recalled her.

If you live in Oregon you have to be frustrated with Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Assembly taking issues that should be decided or already have been decided by voters and changing them to their narrative, because evidently they can.

in 2014 Oregon Voters overwhelming decided not to give Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens, Yet in 2019 Kate Brown signed a bill allowing “Undocumented immigrants” who are in the country illegally the right to get a drivers license.

Oregon voters have kept the Death Penalty in this state despite attempts to overturn it, but now the legislature is trying to take the decision away from the voter. Last summer lawmakers in Oregon essentially repealed it and you did not even notice.

“Cap n Trade” is too hard for the voters to understand and vote on themselves according to Oregon Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick. You cannot even make this stuff up, the reason they are trying to push Cap n Trade through the legislature is that they know the voters will not pass it. Remember this when election for state senate seats comes time, elect fiscally and ethically responsible people to those posts not someone who is going to keep the vote on major issues from your hands.

With Cap n Trade on the agenda again it is going to be a showdown in Salem on whether the Republicans stay in their seats or whether they run for the hills, the coast, Washington, or Idaho. Wherever they go, this writer is proud of them for standing up for those of us who voted for them to do just that.

When the recall of Brown was being attempted by Michael Cross and Bill Currier, Governor Brown allowed two petitions to circulate both of them essentially for the same thing. They both intended to recall Brown for unaccepted practices and for lack of confidence, with the Currier petition falling just short by less than ten percent, and the Cross petition falling 23,926 votes short of the needed 250,000. It looks like both poor planning, and use of chicanery on Brown’s part avoided her having to go through a tough recall.

Written by Stephan Ball

29 thoughts on “Oregon Continues to Decide Issues Voters Should

  1. A new recall and only one at a time not to confuse signers
    Let’s get the new one going. Thanks Republicans senators for fighting for us who elected you.


  2. There are several errors in your story. Kate Brown did not “allow” 2 petitions. She had nothing to do with petitions being filed not could she stop them. (If you understand the process in Oregon, you would know this was not an accurate statement.)

    The total # of signatures needed was 280,000 NOT 250,000.

    Brown had nothing to do with either petition falling short. We simply did not have enough volunteers. The petition filed by Bill Currier ended up with more signatures than the petition by Michael Cross.

    It might be helpful to talk to those who actually were in the trenches doing the work to get accurate information.


  3. We never got to vote on letting children take hormones and sexchange surgeries with out perental consent ither and thay are takeing away parents rights here in oregon


  4. I wish to be kept up to dates on Oregon legislative issues that are done with little concern to Oregon citizens. These liberal schemers need to be defeated, but we voters have very little input.


  5. You forgot other taxes the Democrats have given us: auto tax aka privilege tax, and new bag tax which is like a VAT per purchase……../


  6. I’m totally disgusted with our governor. She is devious and dangerous, taking our votes away and putting her (and the progressive democrat party’s) agenda ahead of the choices of Oregon voters. We are unable to recall this despot and even if we voted her out of office, she and her ilk would find a way to nullify our votes.


  7. Oregon voters do nothing to identify or support viable candidates. We have no representation, because there is no will by the people to elect any. Same old same old RINO traitors handing out State over to Kate Brown, year in and year out. We get exactly what we deserve.


  8. Terrible governor. When we had devastating fires in Brookings the federal land management at fault. She came saying she was going to do something about their negligence. Left the area and dropped the whole thing. She is passing laws without voters even having a say. She seems to think she can do this. You must vote her out. All our rights are being violated. STOP HER NOW.


  9. Well, to keep the language clean, this traitor, dictator Brown makes me see red. And that is a tame mild statement. Because of her underhanded dictatorship ways, thousands are leaving the state. Retailers are reeling from her illegal taxes that go from taxing net sales to taxing GROSS sales. I personally know some business owners and they are spitting nails. One said he wishes he could retire so he could get the hell out of Oregon. Brown is running everyone out of the state that is worth anything and my wife and I are two more that are getting out of the hell hole that USED to be a great place to live! I feel sorry for those of you that are stuck here! Good luck in replacing the crony Brown and her hitler crew!


  10. Kate Brown is destroying a once beautiful place to live and raise children. Her underhanded ways have to be stopped, it is time to get this crooked rotten women and her hit mob out of office.


  11. We cannot just give up and run away from this group of despots who are ignoring the voters. That’s what is happening in California. We have to stay in the fight or else there will eventually be nowhere to run !
    As a resident of Oregon for 46 years I’m as frustrated as anyone but I will stay and work to get Kate and her Cabal out of power. It CAN BE DONE , BUT, we the concerned citizens of Oregon simply HAVE TO VOTE ! We cannot simply sit on our hands and complain. I don’t care what your politics are, just vote them out because EVERYONE OF US is going to pay the price for NOT getting involved. So once again, GET OUT AND VOTE.


  12. Horrible excuse for a Governor. This woman is a dictator and looks down on all Oregonians that don’t live in Portland, Eugene or Salem. Please leave us alone, Oregon deserves better. Please move to California and play with Pelosi, she needs an evil twin, a sidekick. Please stop destroying us.


  13. Terrible excuse for a governor she never considers the people of Oregon what they might think she does what ever she wants and gets away with it while Oregonians go broke the drug addicts and the homeless and the immigrants take over Oregon and make it like Seattle where they do drugs on the street go to the bathroom in the streets she passes bills without even being put up for vote and if you defy her they is hell to pay. She wants to tax the people on the money they received from the covid 19 funds which was told before it was distributed there would be tax on that money she is evil through and through


  14. She is evil vindictive and has no common sense she robs from the people of Oregon and take the money that belongs to the Oregonian’s trying to save their business and survive during the covid -19 she needs to be hung . We hate her Oregonian is becoming a slum because of her


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