Democrats are Anything but Democratic

Vice President Joe Biden placed fourth in Iowa Caucuses.

With the Iowa Caucuses done and a disaster for Democrats, he learned something of their election process. They are not using Democracy to choose their candidate, they are using Delegates and Super Delegates to choose the candidate. Delegates vote with the will of the voters and each delegate votes with whomever won the popular vote in the area they represent, however Super Delegates are people who have served the “party” throughout the years ” in the trenches so to speak.”

When a leader was chosen in the old Soviet Union, sometimes they had a mock election, but it was the “party” those who had served in the Communist party for many years faithfully that had a vote, and a chance at becoming the Soviet Premiere. Sounds exactly that same, or pretty damn close.

This was the same process the Democratic Party used to steal the 2016 election from Bernie Sanders, they will use it again to steal the election or steer the election to whatever candidate the Democratic National Committee tells them too. For Pete Buttigieg to have beaten Bernie Sander, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden seems highly unlikely given the average voter has probably never even heard of the Mayor of South Bend Indiana. Well you have now, his name is Pete Buttigieg and he is apparently the delegate leader in Iowa as of now. The ” Party” has spoken.

Written by Stephan Ball

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