Donald Trump Nails The State of Union

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Donald J. Trump gave his third State of the Union address to Congress tonight. He started with an outline of how well the economy is doing, how regulations that had been stifling the economy had been cut and that the economy was pro-American and pro-growth. With recent successes in USMCA, and phase one of the Chinese trade deal. Touting 7 million new jobs, with the last administration having only having created 2 million jobs in the tech sector, with more jobs lost in the manufacturing sector.

President Trump also said that women are filling the new jobs at a rate of 72% of the new jobs being taken by women. Workers without a high school diploma now have more jobs than ever before in our countries history. He spoke about hundreds of thousands of people being brought off of food stamps and welfare. The bottom 10% of the country has seen a 47% increase in wages, three times faster than the top one percent.

Real household median income is the highest it has ever been in this country. People with 401k’s are reporting as much as a 100 percent increases under this new economy. Wealthy people are pouring people into poor neighborhoods creating employment for many in communities that would normally have none.

Criminal Justice Reform, was touted, people who were serving long prison terms for non-violent offenses. With changes to the system it would allow those who are serving long prison terms to be released and forces changes to sentencing guidelines to prevent it from occurring.

The President then went on to talk about the country being energy independent and having energy jobs at record numbers. America gaining 12,000 new factories, with plans to build many more. Companies that once left, or were planning on leaving are coming back, to the “place where the action is.”

President Trump touted unfair trade as one of the primary reasons on why he ran for office. President Trump said USMCA will bring 100k new jobs in the country and fair treatment on trade. The President talked about intellectual property theft in China and the tariff’s that have been imposed.

The President said “Socialism destroys nations” which might have been a thinly veiled shot at Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self avowed Socialist who is campaigning for the presidency. Trump went on to say that Freedom builds nations.

President Trump brought forward the last surviving Tuskegee Airman, and his Great-grandson, and honored them, it was a tearjerker when he went on announce that earlier that day he had promoted the one hundred year old man to Brigadier General.

President Trump spoke about a 4rth grade student Genia Davis, who is being raised by a single parent. She was declined school choice by the Pennsylvania Governor who vetoed school choice, instead Trump gave Genia a scholarship to her school of choice.

Trump announced a plan to offer vocational and technical training at every highschool in the nation. He went on to announce more money and grants available to black colleges and schools.

President Trump promised never to touch Social Security or Medicare, also announcing that he will never let socialism destroy American healthcare. President Trump slammed Democrats for wanting healthcare for illegal aliens, he spoke to the American people asking them to stand with him against illegal immigration and the drain it has on our resources as a country.

During his speech some of the Democrat Freshmen, stood and made some sore of chant, it was garbled and difficult to understand, but incredibly disrespectful. President Trump talked about eradicating the AIDS epidemic in the country by the end of the decade.

Trump paid respect to Rush Limbaugh who announced he was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, he then presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Melania placed the medal around Rush’s neck, it is the highest honor a civilian can earn in the country.

The President then went on talk about eight straight months of reduced border crossing at our southern border. He asked Congress to pass a law that would allow Americans to sue sanctuary cities and states for their sanctuary laws and the effect they have on the safety of the community. Citing that they had confirmed 187 new judges.

President Trump promised to protect the Second Amendment so long as he is President. He went on to say he wants America to be the first country to plant it’s flag on Mars. He cited the destruction of ISIS and it’s caliphate. Trump said “if you attack American citizens, you forfeit your life. “

To give President credit, he did not speak of impeachment, not one word of it, he was tactful and respectful, I was impressed by his candor.

Written by Stephan Ball

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