Trump Acquitted, and no Longer Impeached

No! you have failed!

Today in the United States Senate, Members voted for the most part along party lines to acquit the President 52-48 on Article 1: Abuse of Power, and 53-47 on Article 2: Contempt of Congress. With Mitt Romney the only Republican to vote guilty on Article 1, he then voted not guilty on Article 2. Many in the GOP are calling to have him removed from the party for failing to stand with the President against this partisan coup attempt.

Romney was turned down by Trump for a job when Trump took office, he also had a friend and adviser who sat on the board of Burisma with Hunter Biden, calling into question his motives and suggesting that perhaps he should have abstained or declared a conflict of interests.

Mitt Romney is sure to face the wrath of his voters when he comes back to Utah where Trump’s favorable poll numbers among Republicans are in excess of 90 percent, polling also shows that if Romney were to vote guilty on impeachment, 60 percent of Republicans would hold that against him when it came time for re-election.

With acquittal out of the way the house will likely subpoena John Bolton, Nick Mulvaney and others to continue this charade, even though Trump cannot be tried for the same offense again, they can drag it out in the house to make for bad press throughout the election in hopes that it will give the Democratic Nominee some traction.

Senators have requested records associated with Hunter Biden, and Burisma, also State Department Records of Joe Biden who was the then Vice President, it is unsure what they intend to do with the records but rest assured they will be examined carefully by a fired up Trump based perhaps looking for a little “Quid Pro Quo” of their own.

Written by Stephan Ball

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