Oregon Couple Receives AKC Boston Terrier Litter of the Year Award.

In December 2019, Sergeant Major Chapin and Sunni Skye Chapin became the parents of the America Kennel Club’s Boston Terrier Litter of the year. According to AKC the litter of 10 viable puppies was the largest litter of the year, and to have every puppy survive in a litter is amazing to them, with the usual litter ranging around 4-6 puppies and in many cases one of those does not survive.

With Sunni Skye being a black and white Boston with one blue eye and one brown eye, she passed on blue eyes to a couple of the puppies. Sunni was a good Mother according to the owner, she payed a lot of attention to the litter and often times had to be taken out of the litter’s proximity for her own health, she was fed a high volume of food and pre-natal vitamins prior to the birth and the high volume of food continued for her afterwards.

Sergeant Major Chapin better known as”Sarge,” a reddish colored male who is the service dog for a Disabled Veteran, it was Sarges first time studding out his services according to his owner. AKC also gave Sarge an award for the year, as the largest litter for a Boston Terrier Stud.

According to the owners all of the puppies have homes and were a lot of work. Early mornings of feedings and all days of playing, with the puppies being born in the winter they are a short haired breed and needed to be kept warm with a heater on them, they slept in a big pile.

Written by Stephan Ball

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