Chief Campaign Contributors to Kate Brown do Business in China.

Kate Brown, signs agreement with China.

The largest campaign contributors to Governor Kate Brown’s campaign have been corporations that do business in China, or have factories primarily in China. Kate Brown’s Campaign contributors for the past year, Nike Inc. ($134,365); Bloomberg LP ($250,000); AT&T ($10,000); PacificSource Health ($6,224); CH2M Hill ($4,700); Alaska Air ($3,500); Hewlett Packard ($2,000); and Pitney Bowes ($2,000) Nike, AT&T, and Alaska Air have corporate dealings with and in China. Bloomberg, and Peacehealth support Kate in her allowing illegals to use state money for medical coverage, that money is your taxes.

With Cap N Trade morphed with a short session this year, and the short session not being designed to consider the proper magnitude of the new cap n trade bill which is in debate right now, if it were passed the cost of the bill would be passed on to the average Oregon family of four in the amount $650 a year. Because of the time constraints of the short sessions passing the bill in this short session in negligent for any politician, the cost to the average Oregon family may not be known until after the bill is in place. Something we as Americans are familiar with when Democrats pushed through mandatory healthcare read the bill after you pass it and took the consequences.

Oregon will be the second state in the country to adopt a Economy wide Can n Trade system if the new bill introduced last week passes. This bill has the support Brown and her staff. Under the new bill the companies discharging into atmosphere more than 25,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide would have to purchase permits called allowances or credits, these credits could be purchased and sold among members of the Western Climate Initiative. According to the Western Climate Initiative Website the members are Nova Scotia, Quebec, and California. Companies in Oregon could trade or sell or buy pollution credits from or to companies in any member state or province.

According to the rules of the WCI, credits could be sold to members of other Climate Initiatives around the world, one guess who the largest Cap n Trade Carbon Initiative holder is through the United Nations? That’s right China! The same China that Oregon’s Nike has factories in, polluting the environment, selling Oregon pollution credits to China for Nike Campaign Contributions? Legal for now, at least until China buys it’s first credit from Oregon. Not only has Oregon sold it’s jobs to Nike, but now it’s about to sell it’s air and water.

Even though the International Energy Agency announced that in 2019 the United States had the greatest reduction of greenhouse gases of any country in the world. The largest single producer in the world was China. Even when putting trade pressure on China, implementing USMCA Donald Trump was able to get the Carbon Emissions to drop faster in this country than any other country on the planet.

Written by Stephan Ball

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