Bloomberg Will Likely be a Target at Democratic Debate.

Billionaire Globalist Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg has shown the apparently money can buy you a place on the Democratic Debate stage. That stage may well end up a place he does not want to be, as Bloomberg will likely face scrutinizing statements about his “Stop and Frisk” policies he kept in place when he was the New York City Mayor, in fact they were increased six fold under Bloomberg with limited results, often times targeting minorities.

In a field where everyone is supposed to be against the billionaires this globalist billionaire with huge investments in China comes out swinging against President Trump. Likely because of Trump’s stiff stance on Chinese trade, and intellectual property theft. With a Chinese trade agreement in place, many of the advantages Bloomberg receives while operating in China will be gone. Bloomberg is a stiff anti-gun advocate, though his has armed body guards with him at all times. Another thing to consider is that he is actively considering Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential Candidate.

Bloomberg could face questions of sexual harassment claims and Non-disclosure agreements his staff has all been made to fill out and that he will not release anyone from. Bloomberg has a lot of skeletons in the closet so to speak and we might get to see some of them come to light. He has been criticized for telling one of his subordinates to kill her unborn baby so she could get back to work, and that he talked about another female employee saying ” I want a piece of that meat.”

Many of those running against Bloomberg are upset at the Democratic National Committee easing the donor restrictions for qualifying for the debate, in what they see is a move designed to allow him access to the debate stage. If Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are on point and at all predictable at least one of them will attempt to disarm Bloomberg with exposing both the stop and frisk issue and the sexual harassment history.

Written by Stephan Ball

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