Greater Idaho Could be a Choice for Voters

The proposed borders of Greater Idaho

With Democrats in Oregon seeming to not care about the conservative base in their states and issues like cap n trade, and gun control, taking the stage many conservatives are fed up. The Greater Idaho Initiative has taken it upon itself to ask the rural communities of Oregon to join Idaho and make one big state together. Representative Gary Leif of Douglas County has sign that supports the movement and himself supports anyone who wants to leave the liberal lifestyle behind them and join Idaho. With the current map Greater Idaho would have coastline and it would make it the only conservative state on the west coast. The total number of counties that move to Idaho is approximately 14 Oregon Counties and the six northern counties of California.

Residents in these mostly conservative counties feel under represented in their state legislatures, in the six northern counties of California they are represented in their California Legislature by less than that representation of the population of Los Angeles County alone.

In Oregon the 14 counties that wish to secede are voted against by liberal Salem, Eugene, and Portland. Many times on issues that affect eastern and southern Oregon, these issues are not even considered or are voted against outright, with rural communities making up most of the locales that are thinking about this change, it feels like they will be better represented by their elected leaders if those leaders all come from the same background.

The second amendment is being infringed by liberal states along the west coast, Idaho is one of the strongest states in the country with regards to supporting the second amendment and many people are tired of the infringements, other things Greater Idaho promotes are economic stability, and religious liberty.

According to the website, the process could take two or three years, but we may see it on the ballot by November. Will voters vote to allow these counties to secede? Setting those of us who do not want to be on this train ride to socialism with you would be the humane thing to do, but we are talking about the party of Abortion, she it is likely liberals will want us to ride this disaster out with them.

Written by Stephan Ball

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