Oregon Elementary School employee test positive for Coronavirus linked to sellout of protective masks across Oregon.

Oregon has confirmed positive coronavirus CODIV-19 test from a Washington County resident. This marks the third positive case where the person did not travel outside the U.S..

The patient is at Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro, officials said. Some reports claim the patient works at Forest Hill Elementary school in Lake Aswego. Exposure to students and staff is being looked into.

Claims by U.S. Doctor says protective masks such as N95 air pollution mask available at most department stores home improvement stores and medical supply stores are all sold out and unavailable from online retailers can prevent the virus. Hand washing and use of rubbing alcohol and latex gloves with mask use was the best recommendation.

Jerry’s Home Improvements, Springfield location said today they have been flooded in store and over the phone with inquiries about the masks since confirmed Oregon case. Now reports from across the U.S. are all similar.

“You extremely lucky to find them anywhere” said salesman from Pleasant Hill FARM Supply who unpacked a new shipment today. “Sold by a box of 10 for around $24 I’m extremely happy to have gotten them” said an Oakridge Oregon mom who said she isn’t a prepper, but said she does want to be properly prepared in case predictions of pandemic illness is even remotely possible.

Sales of latex gloves are also very top sales according to retail giant Walmart. Manager of the Eugene W 11th Walmart said today they have been sold out at all locations and have stopped online sales of them and masks. Available now only by in-store sales when availability allows.

Written by Marie

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