Oregon Continues to Decide Issues Voters Should

Kate Brown was the subject of a recall where she allowed two essentially similar recall petitions, when one would have assuredly recalled her.

If you live in Oregon you have to be frustrated with Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Assembly taking issues that should be decided or already have been decided by voters and changing them to their narrative, because evidently they can.

in 2014 Oregon Voters overwhelming decided not to give Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens, Yet in 2019 Kate Brown signed a bill allowing “Undocumented immigrants” who are in the country illegally the right to get a drivers license.

Oregon voters have kept the Death Penalty in this state despite attempts to overturn it, but now the legislature is trying to take the decision away from the voter. Last summer lawmakers in Oregon essentially repealed it and you did not even notice.

“Cap n Trade” is too hard for the voters to understand and vote on themselves according to Oregon Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick. You cannot even make this stuff up, the reason they are trying to push Cap n Trade through the legislature is that they know the voters will not pass it. Remember this when election for state senate seats comes time, elect fiscally and ethically responsible people to those posts not someone who is going to keep the vote on major issues from your hands.

With Cap n Trade on the agenda again it is going to be a showdown in Salem on whether the Republicans stay in their seats or whether they run for the hills, the coast, Washington, or Idaho. Wherever they go, this writer is proud of them for standing up for those of us who voted for them to do just that.

When the recall of Brown was being attempted by Michael Cross and Bill Currier, Governor Brown allowed two petitions to circulate both of them essentially for the same thing. They both intended to recall Brown for unaccepted practices and for lack of confidence, with the Currier petition falling just short by less than ten percent, and the Cross petition falling 23,926 votes short of the needed 250,000. It looks like both poor planning, and use of chicanery on Brown’s part avoided her having to go through a tough recall.

Written by Stephan Ball

Schiff Seems to Think Trump can Give Away Alaska!

California Representative Adam Schiff, the House Impeachment Manager

Today, Adam Schiff actually told the U.S. Senate that President Trump could give away Alaska to Russia in order to win favor in the election in 2020. Schiff is either mentally ill, intoxicated, or so emotionally distraught by knowing his Impeachment sham is going to utterly fail that he is making up so outlandish tin foil hat theories in order to try and sway anyone to his side for the vote day after tomorrow. With President Trump’s team due to have their closing arguments done and the vote on Wednesday. This entire Democratic Charade will be over with and the country and get back to normal.

We the People can expect, the house to try to impeach Trump again before and after the upcoming election. The House will almost assuredly subpoena John Bolton and Nick Mulvaney to see what they know about the corruption in Ukraine. Even with double jeopardy attached it is likely the House will try and impeach again before the election, there is little hope with the economy the way it is and with the lackluster candidates they have fielded that they can win the presidency without interfering with the election.

Written by Stephan Ball