Biden Accused of Sexual Assault

Former VP Joe Biden faces sexual assault accusations.

Tara Reade, a former aide to then Senator Biden has been claiming for years that she was sexually assaulted by the then Senator, only to have been ignored for all these years. The only problem with this is that it is not a normal sexual assault but a unlawful and unwanted sexual penetration with Biden’s fingers. This is paramount to rape according to the criminal justice statutes in many areas. According to Reade in 1993 when she was working for Biden she had been tasked with bringing him an athletic bag, she found herself alone with the then Senator. Reade then reported Biden pinned her against the wall and used his fingers to penetrate her. Then told her she was “nothing”. Reade even said he had the nerve to get mad at her for the incident because she did not want to go anywhere with him.

When Reade tried to come forward to all of the #metoo movement people she found out that most of the people involved in those organizations are in league with Biden and don’t want to hear from her.

Written by Stephan Ball

Listen to sound bit here: 👇🏻

Democrats fail Americans twice with Emergency Stimulus Funds stand-off.

March 23, 2020

Pelosi and Schumer holding the Emergency Stimulus bill hostage from American people. Not coming together twice now they continue adding partisan elements even after agreeing to terms.

Sudden flip flop is holding funds from American people and businesses that are in desperate need and are not at fault.

Americans do not have the luxury of waiting on Democrats to stop bipartisan politics during this Pandemic.

Posing the question will the Democrats put America first before midnight tonight?

Written by Marie

Brown Orders Lockdown for Non-essential Personnel.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Monday Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown ordered through Executive Action that all “Non-essential” Oregon workers, those not shopping for food, or seeking medical attention, stay home or face arrest for a misdemeanor. Through consultation with Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday it was only an encouraged to state home request, but with the strong influx of persons coming to Oregon for what people think is “Spring Break” Brown took action to make it a crime to be out and about without one of the aforementioned reasons.

With the world’s COVID19 infection topping 360k and deaths running at about 3% of that number worldwide, people are fearful. Wuhan, China where the virus first originated has not reported a new case for a few days and has a sharp reduction of those infected. According to Chinese media they are beating the virus back, whereas in Italy the virus is 20% fatal and Doctors have stopped giving some assistance to patients with the virus who are over 60, saying that it is a waste of resources, given the high mortality rate of those in the age range who die.

With Non-essential businesses closing, and people staying home the Oregon economy could face collapse, The St. Louis Fed has said that Unemployment could top 30% and the GDP could be down 50% before this is all over. With Senate Democrats stalling for more abortion funding, and less protection for large corporations, and Republicans not wanting long term funding for Planned Parenthood stuck into a bill designed to protect the average American, they seem at an impasse.

Speaking with younger generations has opened my eyes, their need for social interaction has been overriding their basic survival instincts. Us older people, understand what it is like to spend time reading a book or to spend time with even our own thoughts as company, I think this will be painful for younger generations who are not used to being immediately satisfied by the steady stream of whatever they want apps and having everything done for them. This is a drawback to a long gone era, a time when people stayed home and spent time with each other because there was no internet, and we had go outside and turn the T.V. Antenna to get the best reception on the one of three stations we could watch. Where kids came home when the street lights came on, and not until then, where our lives were planned around whats on tonight? We are all home with each other again.

Written by Stephan Ball

Schumer’s Anti Partisan speech sounded more like Anti Republican.

Schumer’s speech March 22, 2020

Starting his speech patting Dems on the back and slamming Republicans this non bipartisan speech winds up as a Republican bashing short warning.

Mentioning this could very likely be the largest Emergency Fund released in American history. Making many believe that delaying the bill is some attempt for Democrats to receive credit rather than Trump.

Calling it a “deal” several times in his short speech as if it’s a negotiation. Americans don’t need green deals included but that is what Democrats are pushing to include. Democrats also not happy with relief being 90 days. Republicans leadership saying Emergency Funds is not to sustain long term but exactly as they said to give immediate Emergency relief. Calling it a “Republican” only bill Schumer is the one who seems to be the most Partisan.

Republican speakers saying Americans cannot wait referring to the lengthy delays Democrats are preparing for until their demands are included in what they call a Republican Bill.

Schumer also mentions Corporate Bailouts with no strings that are included in the Bill as another slam to Republicans. Never mentioning the Democrats stipulation that Federal funding for specific business including Planned Parenthood. Sneaking in funding on abortions is another jab in the defunding policies of the President.

Bill Cassidy saying “Pelosi came over with Schumer after having agreed to everything, and then said no, they that wanted something different, far different.” Leaving many with knowledge that stopping Emergency Funds in their tracks is responsibility of top Democrats. America people need to hold Democrats accountable.

Written by Marie

Netflix Takes Advantage of Corona Virus Scare to Please It’s Viewers.

COVID 19 Virus

With the world seemingly coming to a close, it seems incredible that a major media corporation would capitalize on a worldwide pandemic right? By Netflix suddenly adding the movie “Outbreak” to their catalog for the subscribed viewers. With the last two months of coronavirus scares, Netflix looks to capitalize on the fears of the people by releasing the film and as of today it was the third most watched film on the service when I last checked.

Outbreak was released in 1995, starring Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey, and Donald Sutherland. It is about the outbreak of a an airborne pathogen that kills large numbers of people and how a team of scientists have to find a cure before the United State Military firebombs a town in rural America. Depicting how inept the government is and how they kept the cure a secret, letting people die, so the government could keep the virus as a weapon.

When terrorist struck this country using aircraft to slam into buildings and the pentagon, the same thing happened post 9/11, movies from many production companies came to theaters and streaming services depicting building crashing down on top of people, and planes and helicopters crashing into buildings, and the audiences ate it up.

With the virus outbreak in many states and almost every school in the country closed, Netflix is sure to be a source of amusement for the kids. Even though today is a weekend, Outbreak is sure to be popular during the week when the kids don’t have to go to school, they can sit at home and watch rural America getting an airborne virus and have to imagine the same thing happening to them, even though the consequences are far less, the thought is still there.

With Barrack Obama on the board of Netflix and the platform being liberal biased you can be assured this was no accident. It is likely a play on the sub-conscious of the voter and have them asking questions like, is the government involved in the coronavirus, do they have a cure for it and don’t want to tell us? With the death rate of the coronavirus far less than the virus depicted in the movie the comparison is not even close, but the comparison is being done for you by Netflix when they, lacking all tact, placed this movie on the their platform in light of the recent events.

Written by Stephan Ball

Greater Idaho is a Huge Threat to Oregon Democrats

With a little steam behind the Greater Idaho movement, it looks like the beginning hurdles will be cleared as petitions are filed to allow a vote, polling among Oregon Democrats shows that a majority do not want to allow the mostly conservative areas of the state to be able to leave, at 62% of polled Democrats saying they would vote against such a measure, it could pass if a strong conservative push were made during the vote. Idaho would have to approve the measure, California and Washington would also have to approve the measure among their voters, which also seems unlikely.

The move would likely increase Greater Idaho to twelve electoral votes, likely removing one from Oregon, five from California, and 3 from Washington if the measure were to succeed, but only the 2020 census will tell the real truth when the numbers are counted. Oregon would lose millions in timber and tax revenue in areas that have little voice at the federal level and almost none at the state level. Will the Democrats force those of us who are Conservative to be along for the ride as they go down the same road as California and Washington have with Homelessness and Illegal Aliens using up tax revenues, lax law enforcement and massive corruption?

Having grown up most of my life in Oregon and knowing it was mostly conservative here when I was boy, and seeing it now become a cesspool of illegal immigration, homelessness, not prosecuted drug crimes, also a apathetic attitude toward our Constitution permeates our youth. I attribute the lack of citizens doing their duty, or know what is Constitutional or not, is a liberalism of our education system, and a doing away with being taught about Western Civilization.

Watching our Governor here in Oregon all but ruin our state by doing exactly the opposite thing the voters want on multiple occasions, and now threatening to do it again, rather than put Cap n Trade in front of voters she will just pass it through Executive Actions. Even if it is stopped through injunction, it is time to step up as citizens and vote out every Democrat every time. Send a message, that until the Democrats come back to reality no one will tolerate them.

Written by Stephan Ball

James Cleavenger Running for Lane County District Attorney

James Cleavenger, candidate Lane County District Attorney.

I had the distinct honor of sitting down with James Cleavenger today for an interview I have known James for a few years and was pleased when he announced his candidacy for Lane County District Attorney last week. He plans on taking on incumbent Patricia W. Perlow. James said he is tired of the rural communities like Cottage Grove, Florence, Pleasant Hill, Creswell, Junction City, and Coburg, being taken for granted and overlooked. Many of the crimes occurring in those communities are not being prosecuted. James went on to say if he were elected he would change the culture at the DA’s office to make it an approachable place to work, where the community could approach DA’s and get their questions answered and have DA’s notify police when offenders are released from custody.

James registered as an independent rather than get involved in politics he just wants to fix what is broken, leaving the politics behind. James said he sees his priorities with the District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting repeat offenders, finding ways to avoid recidivism, and improving communications with the police departments within the county. Saying that the DA’s office needs to communicate when a person is released from jail back into the community to the local police, as many times the returning person is often times violent or even sometimes hostile to police.

James Cleavenger graduated the University of Oregon with a Law Degree in 2008, and has since practiced family law, employment law, and plaintiff law. He clerked for the Honorable Michael McShane while he was with the Circuit Court in Multnomah County and when he was made a District Court Judge for the District of Oregon, working on murder and other felony related trials. James is currently a police office with the City of Oakridge and has been previously employed by the University of Oregon.

Other issues that James felt were important to resolve in Lane County was finding a way to have the DA’s office cooperate with each city council on ways to remedy their homelessness, which seems to be an epidemic that affects all of Lane County. James told me he was also frustrated with nepotism in Lane County, how friends and family get preferential treatment when a more qualified person is often times overlooked.

James said he thinks Perlow may use his lack of criminal law experience against him, but he said the fact that she has been in there so long means she has lost touch with the small people, it has become an us vs. them mentality, whereas it needs to be an us and them mentality.

Written by Stephan Ball