Greater Idaho is a Huge Threat to Oregon Democrats

With a little steam behind the Greater Idaho movement, it looks like the beginning hurdles will be cleared as petitions are filed to allow a vote, polling among Oregon Democrats shows that a majority do not want to allow the mostly conservative areas of the state to be able to leave, at 62% of polled Democrats saying they would vote against such a measure, it could pass if a strong conservative push were made during the vote. Idaho would have to approve the measure, California and Washington would also have to approve the measure among their voters, which also seems unlikely.

The move would likely increase Greater Idaho to twelve electoral votes, likely removing one from Oregon, five from California, and 3 from Washington if the measure were to succeed, but only the 2020 census will tell the real truth when the numbers are counted. Oregon would lose millions in timber and tax revenue in areas that have little voice at the federal level and almost none at the state level. Will the Democrats force those of us who are Conservative to be along for the ride as they go down the same road as California and Washington have with Homelessness and Illegal Aliens using up tax revenues, lax law enforcement and massive corruption?

Having grown up most of my life in Oregon and knowing it was mostly conservative here when I was boy, and seeing it now become a cesspool of illegal immigration, homelessness, not prosecuted drug crimes, also a apathetic attitude toward our Constitution permeates our youth. I attribute the lack of citizens doing their duty, or know what is Constitutional or not, is a liberalism of our education system, and a doing away with being taught about Western Civilization.

Watching our Governor here in Oregon all but ruin our state by doing exactly the opposite thing the voters want on multiple occasions, and now threatening to do it again, rather than put Cap n Trade in front of voters she will just pass it through Executive Actions. Even if it is stopped through injunction, it is time to step up as citizens and vote out every Democrat every time. Send a message, that until the Democrats come back to reality no one will tolerate them.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Greater Idaho is a Huge Threat to Oregon Democrats

  1. I am for becoming the Greater Idaho! Being from Wallowa County and being born and raised an Oregonian, I am sickened by what Oregon has become. Let Kate Brown go to hell.


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