Schumer’s Anti Partisan speech sounded more like Anti Republican.

Schumer’s speech March 22, 2020

Starting his speech patting Dems on the back and slamming Republicans this non bipartisan speech winds up as a Republican bashing short warning.

Mentioning this could very likely be the largest Emergency Fund released in American history. Making many believe that delaying the bill is some attempt for Democrats to receive credit rather than Trump.

Calling it a “deal” several times in his short speech as if it’s a negotiation. Americans don’t need green deals included but that is what Democrats are pushing to include. Democrats also not happy with relief being 90 days. Republicans leadership saying Emergency Funds is not to sustain long term but exactly as they said to give immediate Emergency relief. Calling it a “Republican” only bill Schumer is the one who seems to be the most Partisan.

Republican speakers saying Americans cannot wait referring to the lengthy delays Democrats are preparing for until their demands are included in what they call a Republican Bill.

Schumer also mentions Corporate Bailouts with no strings that are included in the Bill as another slam to Republicans. Never mentioning the Democrats stipulation that Federal funding for specific business including Planned Parenthood. Sneaking in funding on abortions is another jab in the defunding policies of the President.

Bill Cassidy saying “Pelosi came over with Schumer after having agreed to everything, and then said no, they that wanted something different, far different.” Leaving many with knowledge that stopping Emergency Funds in their tracks is responsibility of top Democrats. America people need to hold Democrats accountable.

Written by Marie

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