Biden Accused of Sexual Assault

Former VP Joe Biden faces sexual assault accusations.

Tara Reade, a former aide to then Senator Biden has been claiming for years that she was sexually assaulted by the then Senator, only to have been ignored for all these years. The only problem with this is that it is not a normal sexual assault but a unlawful and unwanted sexual penetration with Biden’s fingers. This is paramount to rape according to the criminal justice statutes in many areas. According to Reade in 1993 when she was working for Biden she had been tasked with bringing him an athletic bag, she found herself alone with the then Senator. Reade then reported Biden pinned her against the wall and used his fingers to penetrate her. Then told her she was “nothing”. Reade even said he had the nerve to get mad at her for the incident because she did not want to go anywhere with him.

When Reade tried to come forward to all of the #metoo movement people she found out that most of the people involved in those organizations are in league with Biden and don’t want to hear from her.

Written by Stephan Ball

Listen to sound bit here: 👇🏻

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