Conservatives are Cool.

One of many memes designed to make fun of the feelings of social superiority Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives feel.

I have voted for a Democrat or two in my life, and did it for the right reasons, because at the time they were the right candidate. Right now, No Democrat is the better candidate, with liberal policies so far left on gun control, pro-China policy, late term abortion, illegal immigration, and climate change being a man made problem, no Democrat is right for office.

Whether you’re a Republican, a Constitutionalist, a Libertarian, or a right leaning Independent, it is okay to have conservative values or hard work and believe in the personal freedoms given to each of us by the Bill of Rights. You will likely be called a “racist” whenever you are critical of illegal immigration. You might be called “country bumpkin” when you tell people you are pro-gun. You will be called a “cult member” if your pro-life, criticized for not wanting to give a woman the right to choose what she can do with her body. Those are the things the left says when they confront you, they have a so called “playbook” they use when they contact us, they live in echo chambers of people who socially police each other, and when they come in contact with people who are different than themselves they react like they would if they were in their echo chambers, with the same rhetoric and statements.

Being a Conservative does not mean you have to like the President, I did not like him much when he started to run, I thought he was a Democrat who changed to the party to cause chaos, and that Trump was rude and said mean things, what made him stand out was that he was not a politician. We were certainly tired of politicians after Barrack Obama and both of the Bush’s. Trump’s policies and changes he made started to make him more popular with those of us who did not like him much at first, now I am at the point where I look forward to the man trolling the Main Stream Media with the things he says. The left seems to think Trump says them by accident, even after almost four years in office, where he has made them look foolish. With Trump’s rally size growing over capacity in every venue, the COVID19 has come about.

Whether COVID19 was released intentionally for some reason, it certainly benefits the left and their Candidate Joe Biden, who can barely form a sentence, and who now is facing a sexual assault accusation from Tara Reade, a one time aide to then Senator Biden. Keeping everyone in their homes, and forcing everyone to watch main stream media is likely having an effect on the numbers, however, Trump’s polling numbers are still close to the highest of his Presidency.

It is okay to not like illegal aliens coming into the country and taking jobs without paying taxes, it is okay to not like them skirting the immigration system of our country, you are not a racist for wanting only legal immigration. In our country we have the Bill of Rights which consists of the first 10 amendments of our Constitution as basic human rights each and every “citizen” is entitled too. Being a citizen is something most people in this country take for granted. Simply put, each time we allow politicians to put rules and regulations in place it infringes on our rights. The left wants to get rid of you’re personal freedoms, they may pretend to want them for each person, but how many times have you heard them say the 2nd Amendment is antiquated? Or see them demand that right wing political statements be banned, in violations of the 1st Amendment? Even right now, when people are out, alone, away from others, they can still be cited for being in violation of quarantine, this is a pretty clear violation of you’re 4rth Amendment Rights.

Lately the big push for mail in ballots is the push for Democrats to gain more political power, with ballot harvesting in California and North Carolina having cost an estimated 150,000 votes. With some sources citing that 28 million mail in ballots missing from the last four elections combined, it is by far the form of voting with the least amount of security. It is okay to want voter identification for each citizen casting a vote, it is also okay to want the voters to appear in person to make sure they aren’t dead, and that they are citizens in the area they are voting in.

In 1964 Like his predecessors, Kennedy adopted the policy  of containment, which sought to stop the spread of Communism. President Eisenhower’s New Look policy  had emphasized the use of nuclear weapons to deter the threat of Soviet aggression, however with Obama’s pro-Cuba stance, the Democrats current pro-China stance, and with former Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders being a devout socialist was a far swing from the stances of the party in the 1960’s. The current Republican party sounds much like the Democratic Party of the 1960’s now, and the ideals of the Republicans back then seems to be far too extreme.

Some Conservatives are against late term abortions, others are against all abortions, and yet some are against all forms of birth control and abortion. One thing that has been consistent as of late, Conservatives are not using violence against abortions, taking a book from liberals, they protest, and try to change things at the ballot box. Yet the left pushes more and more abortion upon us, wanting now that if an Abortion is born alive that no medical assistance be given. We have Planned Parenthood, that receives some federal funding, however gives money to Democrats to promote their agenda, this is legal. Of course it is legal.

Adams, Alma (D-NC)$1,000
Allred, Colin (D-TX)$1,000
Axne, Cindy (D-IA)$1,000
Brindisi, Anthony (D-NY)$1,000
Bustos, Cheri (D-IL)$1,000
Campa-Najjar, Ammar (D-CA)$4,000
Casten, Sean (D-IL)$1,000
Cisneros, Gil (D-CA)$1,000
Cisneros, Jessica (D-TX)$3,000
Clark, Katherine (D-MA)$1,000
Clyburn, James E (D-SC)$5,000
Cobb, Tedra (D-NY)$3,000
Cox, TJ (D-CA)$1,000
Craig, Angie (D-MN)$1,000
Crow, Jason (D-CO)$1,000
Davids, Sharice (D-KS)$1,000
Davis, Wendy (D-TX)$3,000
DeGette, Diana (D-CO)$1,000
Delgado, Antonio (D-NY)$1,000
Denney, Audrey (D-CA)$3,000
Engel, Eliot L (D-NY)$1,000
Feehan, Daniel (D-MN)$3,000
Finkenauer, Abby (D-IA)$1,000
Fletcher, Lizzie (D-TX)$1,000
Galvin, Alyse (I-AK)$3,000
Good, Margaret (D-FL)$3,000
Gordon, Jacqueline (D-NY)$3,000
Gottheimer, Josh (D-NJ)$1,000
Harder, Josh (D-CA)$1,000
Hart, Rita (D-IA)$3,000
Hayes, Jahana (D-CT)$1,000
Hill, Katie (D-CA)$0
Hoadley, Jon (D-MI)$3,000
Horn, Kendra (D-OK)$1,000
Horsford, Steven (D-NV)$1,000
Hoyer, Steny H (D-MD)$1,000
Jeffries, Hakeem (D-NY)$1,000
Jones, Gina (D-TX)$3,000
Kelly, Robin (D-IL)$2,500
Kennedy, Brynne (D-CA)$3,000
Kim, Andy (D-NJ)$1,000
Lamb, Conor (D-PA)$1,000
Lee, Barbara (D-CA)$1,000
Lee, Susie (D-NV)$1,000
Levin, Mike (D-CA)$1,000
Londrigan, Betsy Dirksen (D-IL)$3,000
Long, Carolyn (D-WA)$3,000
Luria, Elaine (D-VA)$1,000
Malinowski, Tom (D-NJ)$1,000
McBath, Lucy (D-GA)$1,000
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (D-FL)$1,000
Nadler, Jerrold (D-NY)$1,000
Newman, Marie (D-IL)$3,199
O’Halleran, Tom (D-AZ)$1,000
Pappas, Chris (D-NH)$1,000
Pelosi, Nancy (D-CA)$5,000
Porter, Katie (D-CA)$1,000
Rose, Max (D-NY)$1,000
Rouda, Harley (D-CA)$1,000
Sanchez, Linda (D-CA)$1,000
Schakowsky, Jan (D-IL)$1,750
Scholten, JD (D-IA)$3,000
Schrier, Kim (D-WA)$1,000
Sherrill, Mikie (D-NJ)$1,000
Slotkin, Elissa (D-MI)$1,000
Small, Xochitl Torres (D-NM)$1,000
Smith, Christy (D-CA)$3,000
Spanberger, Abigail (D-VA)$1,000
Stevens, Haley (D-MI)$1,000
Tipirneni, Hiral (D-AZ)$3,000
Underwood, Lauren A (D-IL)$1,000
Wild, Susan (D-PA)$1,000
Gideon, Sara (D-ME)$431
Kelly, Mark (D-AZ)$5,000
Lujan, Ben Ray (D-NM)$2,500
Peters, Gary (D-MI)$2,500
Shaheen, Jeanne (D-NH)$2,500
Smith, Tina (D-MN)$2,500
A list of donations from Planned Parenthood, to those above.

When people say the parties changes places to you when Lyndon Johnson was President, they are completely full of crap. Democrats of old, are still the socially enslaving, anti-family unit. They still are generally against the death penalty, while pro-abortion, sometimes late term abortion. If you were to make a monster in a horror movie, it would be a Democrat.

Written by Stephan Ball

The Oregon Conservative Proudly Endorses James Cleavenger for Lane County District Attorney.

With Patricia Perlow and James Cleavenger running for the District Attorney’s Office in Lane County it might be hard for some people to find the right person to vote for. Do you vote for the incumbent, who was appointed by Kate Brown, then elected in a later election? Do you vote for a police officer/private attorney, who has stood up to the system and seems like a relative unknown like Cleavenger?

Patricia Perlow has ethical issues with regards to conflicts she has had with a Lane County District Judge, who the Governor later appointed to the Oregon State Court of Appeals, citing that the judge in question was above reproach and had an amazing work ethic, which calls into question Perlow’s judgement, then you have Perlow hiring an outside of the state agency for work a company in Lane County could have done, truly showing she does not have the best interest of the people of Lane County at heart. There are ad companies in Lane County, and even more in Oregon, however, Perlow spends the money out of state.

No photo description available.
Information was received from the Cleavenger for DA Facebook.

James Cleavenger is currently an Oakridge Police Officer and by all accounts truly in touch with the people he comes in contact with. Cleavenger has an ethical sense of being that I believe Lane County needs, he believes our money needs to be spent as close to home as possible and that our dollars need to be used to put and keep Oregonians and Lane County citizens in jobs and working. Cleavenger is certainly the underdog, with people sick of Perlow, it may be the chance Lane County has to take their county back.

James Cleavenger sued the University of Oregon and won a whistle blower lawsuit when he spoke out about public safety department at the university’s inept and unprofessional actions including biases and lax record keeping, the University punished him, and he filed suit citing that the then University Public Safety Department Chief McDermed had unduly punished him for speaking out. A jury subsequently awarded Cleavenger $755,000 finding that McDermed and the U of O had violated his First Amendment Rights. The University claimed they would appeal the decision.

I believe Cleavenger will bring that kind of ethical thinking to the Lane County District Attorney’s Office once again. Whereas the DA’s office has been under fire for not prosecuting crimes, especially property crimes and drug crimes and with the homeless epidemic rising in Lane County, someone has to do something.

I am going to vote for James Cleavenger, I know him personally, and find him to be ethical, hardworking, and compassionate. I fully support him for the job of Lane County District Attorney.

Written by Stephan Ball

Perlow is Bad for Lane County, Favoring Certain Judges. Her Ethics in Question.

Lane Country District Attorney Candidate James Cleavenger could bring stability to the DA’s office.

Patty Perlow was appointed to the position Lane County District Attorney by Governor Kate Brown in 2015 upon the resignation of the previous District Attorney Alex Gardner. While this alone is not the only reason to vote her out, because of her pro-Kate Brown leanings, this reporter has personal experience with Perlow where she has been overly critical of officers in the county, without citing a law or precedent for this criticism.

Patty Perlow has received the endorsement of the Lane County Sheriff who is in uniform while endorsing Perlow, when this reporter checked with the state ethics board to see if this was even legal, The state ethics board informed me it was legal for the “Sheriff” only, not for any of his deputies or any other police officer in the county. Imagine being able to use a police/sheriff uniform to boost someone else’s political standing, dirty and slimy, but legal, but that is who Perlow is, I guess.


Lane County Judge Debra Vogt, the court’s chief criminal judge, characterized Mooney as being overly critical of police testimony in court. In February 2017 Judge Debra Vogt who was a long time co-worker of Perlow’s before becoming a judge was critical of Judge Josephine “Jodie” Mooney in a memorandum which looks to be in collaboration with Perlow, this came from an withdrawn accusation where Perlow was accused of meeting with Judge Rasmussen without the opposing counsel present, according to the “Register Guard” the 2017 complaint was withdrawn by an anonymous citizen, Mooney was said to have been critical of Perlow in the matter.

When Mooney was interviewed in March of 2017, she said that Patty Perlow and Deputy DA Erik Hasselman were in her office in late January to inform her that they intended to move to disqualify her from any and all cases handled by Perlow’s office. Mooney responded by agreeing not to handle any matters involving the DA’s office. Her workload shifted to juvenile dependency cases, although she said in March of 2017 that she hoped to hear criminal cases again.

On May 7th 2019, Governor Kate Brown appointed Judge Josephine Mooney to the Oregon Appeals Court, citing “Judge Mooney is a hard-working, straight-shooting trial judge who is passionate about her community, our state, and the rule of law,” Governor Brown said. “Given her judicial experience, keen intellect, and impeccable work ethic, Judge Mooney is well-suited to make an immediate, positive impact as a judge on the Court of Appeals.” Which damning to Perlow who was critical of Mooney, and cited that Mooney not suited to hear cases from her office, thus showing her judge of character is impaired.

My suggestion friends and readers is simple, let’s show Patty Perlow and Kate Brown how much we disapprove of their dramatic tactics and good ole boy ethics. With the slimy ethically compromised endorsement of the Lane County Sheriff, while he was using gear paid for by your taxes to promote a political candidate like Perlow is wrong, while not illegal it is morally wrong. We need above board debates and a moral candidate that is not ethically compromised, I suggest you vote for James Cleavenger.

Written by Stephan Ball

United States meat production takes another hit during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sonny Purdue

Major meat processing plants are being shut down as many workers became ill. Now meat production in some locations is reduced by 25%. Making many wonder if the American food supply is still strong as Representative US Agriculture secretary Sonny Purdue is claiming.

The beef and cattle industry actually meat production in the US all around including Chicken and Poultry industry have been on a study decline. Agricultural studies in the United States show produce production is also reduced. US farmers have been struggling for a long time to get from Federal Government to help with food production industry.

Stefanie Smallhouse State representative of Arizona Farm Bureau also states that farmers income has reduced 50% since 2013 so any damage to the meat industry is devastating to the United States.

Representative Smallhouse claims $13.6 billion dollars in damages to beef and cattle industry alone during the coronavirus pandemic.

This lack of support for Farming has to be addressed before The United States have another catastrophe that leads to further decline of food production in the United States.

We cannot rely on outside United States meat sources. The standards of their production is so beneath that of US standards which itself could be damaging to Americans with unknown health effects.

Written by Marie Sharp

Brown Taking Donations but Can’t be Re-elected. Why?

Gov. Kate Brown, meeting with Democratic Donors, even though she cannot be re-elected.

Speaking with one verified source, who has informed me that Kate Brown is mulling over a run for Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s seat, upon his rumored retirement at the end of his term in 2022. Wyden, who is considering a run for the Governor’s office at the same time, thus allowing the same ole same ole to run our state into the ground. When will people realize it is not the four year or eight year President’s who are the problem it is the 20 and 30 Senators and Representatives that are the problem in our political structure today? Kate Brown has more than 900k in her war chest of election money, even though she cannot run for re-election. She is taking donations to her compaign then in turn supporting other candidates and bill lobbying with that money, technically it is legal in Oregon, but essentially it is money laundering for the Democratic National Committee or even the Oregon Democratic Party.

With most of her donations coming from Nike, Bloomberg, and pro cap and trade entities and it is not hard to see why she is backing bills that includes raising the taxes on cigarettes yet again to pay for healthcare, and another bill that opposes limits on campaign donations (she wants more money.) She received donations from the states major utility companies, PacifiCorp, Portland General Electric, NW Natural and CenturyLink, who each in their own respects have a vested interest in the regulations Kate Brown may or may not put into place.

Kate Brown took 10k from Trillium Community Health Plan, which is a major Medicaid contract agency within the state and stands to make even more money with the bills Kate Brown is backing. The Motor Vehicle Services Corp, Also donated 10k, has been a contractor with the Oregon Department of Transportation, and as such directly benefits from any laws that increase funding for public projects that Brown signs. Oregon Health & Science University is another major donor, who directly benefits from both the future bills that Brown is endorsing and will sign into law if passed, but also the fact that illegal aliens are allowed to receive medical care in Oregon by order of the Governor through her sanctuary status quid pro quo.

With Brown essentially taking money from donors for her campaign, the acting as a bank and dolling out that money to her “worthy causes” which seems to be other donors or those linked to other donors, the system is rife with ethical conflict, and as a writer who has filed complaints with the state ethics board, it would appear on the surface that Brown may have a problem in the future with ethics, but as for now she is just acting as a sort bank for the Oregon Democratic Party.

Written by Stephan Ball

Writers Rant

As a writer I produce media, I do not debate it, this is not Social Media.

It seems that when Democrats tell you that all Conservatives get along, that is not true, this year in fact; I have lost more conservative friends to unreasonable actions than I ever did liberal ones. Perhaps that is because I was closer with the conservative ones or it was because I perhaps expected more out of them. I have discovered that some conservatives feel entitled, even in the older generations that complain about the the younger Millennial generations sense of entitlements, I have lost most of my older conservative friends because they think or seem to know they have a right to debate a produced media source such as this. I just simply say, this is not social media, debate is not an option, if you do not like what I write don’t read it. This is an opinion column, I am not going to lie to you, and I even don’t always like the stuff I write, but it is things I believe people have to hear.

The social media war was was originally between the left and the right almost exclusively, but with almost all their friends gone, the next enemy is truth no matter what side they find themselves on. Some issues in my life and in which I believe are a bit left leaning and others are very right leaning, I still consider myself a conservative. I will not be slave to either sides narrative to pit each other against the other, we have no problem doing that ourselves.

Many of today’s media is filled with a bias designed to gather a response of hate and anger, when truth and compassion are the things we should be seeking. Togetherness and openness with each other, and an overall sense of well being, enforcing all of those things called ” The Bill of Rights” for each and every American, no matter your color, religion, or sexual orientation, and especially if you do not agree with them. This country was founded by men and women who did not agree with each other, but they all agreed mostly on one thing, they certainly did not want to be ruled any longer by England. I tell you, we should be thinking the same thing, but not in regards to England, but instead to corporate media, and entitled people who believe the world owes them anything.

Written by Stephan Ball

Paul Romero For Senate, Why he is the Choice for Oregon

Paul Romero, a U.S. Navy Veteran and an American is running against Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate.

Talk about a fun time! I had an interview with U.S. Senatorial Candidate Paul Romero and was floored by the energy he brings to the table. He is such a refreshing change to Jeff Merkley and his socialistic ideals for Oregon. Talking with Romero reminded me that being an American and an Oregonian is about being about being Oregon first and America first.

As Romero and I talked I learned that he had been a single Father of five and had immigrated to back to Oregon from Louisiana. Having once been a police officer in Louisiana we had much in common, talking about the experiences. I could sense a true love for Oregon coming from this man as he shared his vision for Oregon, which so contradicted the lackluster and plain socialistic ideals Merkley has, which is reflected in the current administration. Merkley, bought and paid for by the Democrats of New York and California has no idea what is coming for him in Romero. Romero reminds me of the whirlwind grassroots we saw in the Donald Trump campaign of 2016. Romero is pure grassroots and we need to support him.

I have kept tabs on Jeff Merkley and his Facebook presence for the last four years, and saw the hatred for our current President that Merkley espouses too. When I looked through the top 100 donors to Merkley’s campaign, more than half of his money comes from outside of Oregon, most of which comes from California and New York through Political Action Committees. So you see, Merkley is bought and paid for by the Democrats (Socialists) of other states. See for yourself:

When speaking with Romero he was clear that he agrees with Trump on issues like border control, the second amendment, immigration, and his handling of the Coronavirus, Romero saying that while Trump is not perfect, who among us is. Bringing up a good point that Oregonians cannot afford to be left by the wayside when it comes to the economy and our Governor. I have questioned Senator Ron Wyden who said that state issues here in Oregon like marijuana legalization needed to be handled at the state level of government, basically saying that he was not going to interfere, whereas Romero was clear that if it is in the best interest of Oregonians, he will give the Governor a call and let her know how she should be helping constituents.

With Abortion rights at the forefront of U.S. Politics, Romero was clear that late term abortions should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, and medical needs for the survival of the Mother. That abortion in general should be illegal and that it is about “personal responsibility”. Birth control usage he said was left up to a personal choice issue, while he does not agree with all of the choices, Birth Control issues are personal choices each person has to make for themselves,, adding that a lack of discretion by any individual does not constitute a financial obligation to taxpayers.  Noting that these are two separate issues.  One of legality and under what conditions, and two, who pays for this.

Paul Romero told me he did not like the fact that the United States was considered and had the roll of “World’s Policeman.” It was a roll he said he did not like for us, but a role that he felt that we currently had to fill because of the situation with the United Nations, and China. With China asserting world dominance in so many areas, many of the countries of the world are looking for leadership from the United States. If the U.S. does not fill that roll then China or Russia will and their intent is not a benevolent one.

Romero spoke about being a “good example” in his everyday life, being a positive role model that others could emulate. Stating that he is a Christian and that those core values are important, he says that living that life and being the good example provides the testimony others need to be inspired by. Being 54 and a single Father of five, has inspired him to be the best man he can be. He said that he was from New Iberia Louisiana had been a cryptologic analyst in the Navy for ten years and finishing his Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education & Development from the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale.  He referred to his life as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!” and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Paul with his dog”Scooby-dude”is an American Staffordshire Terrier and part Dogo Argentino

While having run for Congressional District 2 seat against Greg Walden in 2016 and 2018, and having faced defeat both times in the primary. He was optimistic that with the primary only 39 days away, he could win and move on to face Merkley. With Joe Rae Perkins, Robert Schwartz and John Verbeek as his competition in the primary, I like his chances, Romero has Oregon values at heart, and has been endorsed by the Women for Trump movement, and the United Liberty Coalition.  I truly see that Romero can “Bring Balance Back to Oregon” and secure the ear of the President for all Oregonians.

Written by Stephan Ball

Bernie Drops from Race, Leaving Dementia Joe to Face Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden with an unobstructed path to the nomination, still obstructed by forming a sentence.

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has thrown in the towel, clearing the way for the former Vice President and accused Sexual Predator Joe Biden to receive the Democratic Nomination to face Donald Trump for the Presidential election of 2020. With an accusation of his one time aide Tara Reade pending, Biden is the last hope against the Trump train, his Dementia and Sexual Assault allegation the best they could do from a field of 20 plus candidates. With Biden barely knowing where he is, unable to string together facts, becoming hostile to journalists, and panel members during town halls the sequestering from the COVID 19 has been a good thing for him, for the longer and more he appears in public the more people will see Biden for the inability to think let alone lead.

Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has once again given in to the established Democratic Party taking the nomination from him. With literally every single Democratic primary contested and have voting irregularities Bernie gives in yet again. Having had the 2016 nomination literally stolen from him when he ran against Democratic powerhouse Hillary Clinton, he filed suit against the Democratic National Committee for their corruption in favoring Hillary. Bernie’s then lawyer was found dead on the floor of his bathroom during that lawsuit when he had filed it against DNC, Wasserman-Schultz. In fact seven days after Bernie had endorsed Hillary in 2016 and dropped the lawsuit he purchased a lakefront house for 575k.

It is possible that with a cyber convention, Biden could withdraw due to medical issues and have a third candidate step in to run in his place, such as Governor Andrew Coumo of New York, or even Hillary Clinton, who has said she is willing. If Biden were to announce he had Dementia and due to medical reasons was withdrawing, it could literally be anyone from Michelle Obama to Bill Gates that could be selected by Democrats to face Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

It is most certain that Democrats will not allow Biden to step on a debate stage with Trump, it would be like feeding a goldfish to a piranha. There will be some kind of medical announcement or a “Trump is not worthy to face Biden” campaign to prevent the two from ever seeing each other on the debate stage.

One thing is for sure, the American people dodged a socialist bullet with Sanders gone, or did we? Really Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi are all controlled by the farthest left in their party, they are beholden to those voters to keep voting Democrat and not switch to a third party, otherwise no Democrat would ever get elected to anything, so the Democrats will continue to cater to the farthest left in their party to seeming keep them happy, while bleeding centrist voters who slip away in favor of the right.

Written by Stephan Ball

Oregon Deserves Better than Merkley and Wyden

With more than 80 percent of the counties in Oregon voting Conservative, we get represented by Democrats.

With Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden having a poor track record helping rural Oregonians when they need it, instead catering to Portland and Salem in their times of need. Oregonians in the rural areas need to unite, and vote with on voice to elect someone who speaks for them in Washinton D.C. Every Oregon adult needs to talk to their friends their adult kids, their parents, and extended family. We need a critical revolution of ideals, we certainly need people in Washington D.C. who have rural Oregon at heart. Merkley and Wyden spend most of their time in D.C. trying to please Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and not listening to what people in Oregon want.

With the Senators of Oregon having an agenda to that of the political progressive, I would actually say that it is regressive, the socialistic ideals of Wyden and Merkley are unrealistic when it comes to gun control, late term abortion, illegal alien rights, and even the recent impeachment hearings, Both Oregon Senators come out on the lower polling side of all of the above issues, but why? Well they receive funding from the Democratic National Committee, which is funded by powerful political donors, mostly in New York and California, so they are going to do what California and New York want. Oregon voted overwhelmingly not to allow illegals have drivers licenses, but yet both Merkley and Wyden push even for them to be allowed to vote.

While Wyden is just slightly better than Merkley as far as his votes for what Oregon wants and looking out for the Oregon voter. Wyden has been in Washinton D.C. longer and needs to be replaced for the same reason that we change our underwear, in that we wear them too long they become full of feces. Merkley is the “left”, well the epitome of it, sponsored by Soros and Livable World he sides almost exclusively with Portland and Salem, I have monitored his Facebook for the last three years, and he has been critical of the President in every post, except one where I would consider the comments neutral. Merkley was even critical of Trump stopping flights from China, which many medical experts now say saved thousands of lives, for that alone Merkley should resign.

Livable World was originally created by the old Russian KGB to undermine United States Military Readiness, since it has morphed into an organization Called the Council for a Livable World, and has become anti-nuke, still undermining the American Military. The reason I say this is by reading their website, if they were a entire world organization targeting anti-nuke for the entire world that would be great if they lobbied for change in Russia and China, but they don’t, they are fixated on undermining only the American Nuclear Arsenal, which as I said was their original mandate, and on the premise of which Merkley was elected.

Lets look at a good senator, like the honorable Senator from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R,) who recently recovered from the Corona virus, the Senator is also a Doctor and is volunteering at a local hospital, I have monitored Rand Paul for the last few years as well, and his Facebook feed shows he is about 60 percent in favor of what the President does. No one should ever be 100 percent perfect to anyone else, and Trump is not perfect the left says he is “mean” and a “racist,” don’t they call anyone who disagrees with them a racist? Senator Rand Paul stands up to the President when he needs to but works with him most of the time, and he works with him for the betterment of Kentucky.

Written by Stephan Ball

Governor Brown Does not Allow Students to Learn, Afraid of Union Backlash

Governor Kate Brown Friends with Hillary Clinton who was endorsed by the Teachers Union

The school teachers unions across the United States overwhelmingly support Democrats, they endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 in her bid for President. Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a self-professed friend and ally of the Clinton family, and as such her Executive Order to not allow kids to finish this year’s school online should not surprise anyone. ” Teachers felt that if students started online school they would not return to Oregon Public Schools in the fall,” was the reasoning behind Kate Brown’s decision, or at least that is what she said. I believe her real reasoning is that the labor unions and the Oregon Department of Education felt that if kids could learn in a different way they would indeed not choose to expose their kids to ideologies, bullying, sicknesses, and a progressive agenda that pervades our current school system.

Monday kids could no longer enroll in Connections Academy, Oregon’s largest online school system. Bending to the teachers unions, her friends, and the Oregon Department of Education 1900 students have been made to wait until schools either start again or fall so as to not endanger the jobs of the Democratic supporters. Ask Kate this? When do the kids of Oregon come first? When do those 1900 kids who want to learn at school get their chance? Bending to the will of your friends and bunch of fat and happy union tit suckling teachers should be criminal when you endanger the development of Oregon children.

Written by Stephan Ball