Gov. Brown, Sends Oregon Resources to New York.

Kate Brown has a long friendship with the Clinton Family who reside in New York

With medical supplies in shortage and many places have little or no ventilators, Governor Kate Brown sent 140 Oregon ventilators. With New York and California being the strongholds of the Democratic party, it was inevitable that our resources here would leave the state and go fight the virus there. New York is the home state to the Clinton family, and many of the most powerful Democrats. We here in Oregon are just the country folk and need to help them city folk, who by all accounts won’t listen to the most recent medical treatment advice to treat the Covid 19 breakout.

With the state complaining of lack of resources and claiming we are in a state of emergency Brown sends 140 ventilators to New York, when Ventilators range in costs from 5k to 50k. That is a lot of butter on the Oregon bisquit, for a state that is primarily Democrat and avoids following the mandated health treatment advice laid out by the most medical professionals, disregarding Chloroquine diphosphate as an effective treatment. Another unusual goings on is that Doctors have been reportedly told to list Covid 19 as the cause of death in any death that could be attributed to it but might not have been the cause. Many think this is a way to pad the stats for those eastern states to get more of the stimulus money for themselves.

Written by Stephan Ball

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