Governor Brown Does not Allow Students to Learn, Afraid of Union Backlash

Governor Kate Brown Friends with Hillary Clinton who was endorsed by the Teachers Union

The school teachers unions across the United States overwhelmingly support Democrats, they endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 in her bid for President. Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a self-professed friend and ally of the Clinton family, and as such her Executive Order to not allow kids to finish this year’s school online should not surprise anyone. ” Teachers felt that if students started online school they would not return to Oregon Public Schools in the fall,” was the reasoning behind Kate Brown’s decision, or at least that is what she said. I believe her real reasoning is that the labor unions and the Oregon Department of Education felt that if kids could learn in a different way they would indeed not choose to expose their kids to ideologies, bullying, sicknesses, and a progressive agenda that pervades our current school system.

Monday kids could no longer enroll in Connections Academy, Oregon’s largest online school system. Bending to the teachers unions, her friends, and the Oregon Department of Education 1900 students have been made to wait until schools either start again or fall so as to not endanger the jobs of the Democratic supporters. Ask Kate this? When do the kids of Oregon come first? When do those 1900 kids who want to learn at school get their chance? Bending to the will of your friends and bunch of fat and happy union tit suckling teachers should be criminal when you endanger the development of Oregon children.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Governor Brown Does not Allow Students to Learn, Afraid of Union Backlash

  1. I fear we are heading quickly towards forced vaccinations at the State level 🤔 !!! We need to considered creating local chapters of this Kind of organization to campaign with educational literature that seeks to demand the right to know what the ingredients is in vaccines and medicines as well as the alternative solutions , because the timing and citizen awareness is at a all time high and people might be reactive to the idea at least that knowing what is going to be injected into their bodies might be a good thing to know , and then we the people demand they make SAFE Vaccines and Medicines without all the harmful ingredients ???
    I Think this guy is indirectly responsible for the out break because he along with his investments stand to gain big time from this , and he has been advocating for this kind of thing for decades !!!!!
    Listen to Bill Gates starting @23:00
    Heres Bills Solution ,
    I fear we are entering a time where we will not be allowed outside of our homes unless we vaccinate . So the time is right to rally support to KNOW WHATS IN The Vaccines and Medicines and make them SAFE !!!!


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