Bernie Drops from Race, Leaving Dementia Joe to Face Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden with an unobstructed path to the nomination, still obstructed by forming a sentence.

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has thrown in the towel, clearing the way for the former Vice President and accused Sexual Predator Joe Biden to receive the Democratic Nomination to face Donald Trump for the Presidential election of 2020. With an accusation of his one time aide Tara Reade pending, Biden is the last hope against the Trump train, his Dementia and Sexual Assault allegation the best they could do from a field of 20 plus candidates. With Biden barely knowing where he is, unable to string together facts, becoming hostile to journalists, and panel members during town halls the sequestering from the COVID 19 has been a good thing for him, for the longer and more he appears in public the more people will see Biden for the inability to think let alone lead.

Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has once again given in to the established Democratic Party taking the nomination from him. With literally every single Democratic primary contested and have voting irregularities Bernie gives in yet again. Having had the 2016 nomination literally stolen from him when he ran against Democratic powerhouse Hillary Clinton, he filed suit against the Democratic National Committee for their corruption in favoring Hillary. Bernie’s then lawyer was found dead on the floor of his bathroom during that lawsuit when he had filed it against DNC, Wasserman-Schultz. In fact seven days after Bernie had endorsed Hillary in 2016 and dropped the lawsuit he purchased a lakefront house for 575k.

It is possible that with a cyber convention, Biden could withdraw due to medical issues and have a third candidate step in to run in his place, such as Governor Andrew Coumo of New York, or even Hillary Clinton, who has said she is willing. If Biden were to announce he had Dementia and due to medical reasons was withdrawing, it could literally be anyone from Michelle Obama to Bill Gates that could be selected by Democrats to face Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

It is most certain that Democrats will not allow Biden to step on a debate stage with Trump, it would be like feeding a goldfish to a piranha. There will be some kind of medical announcement or a “Trump is not worthy to face Biden” campaign to prevent the two from ever seeing each other on the debate stage.

One thing is for sure, the American people dodged a socialist bullet with Sanders gone, or did we? Really Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi are all controlled by the farthest left in their party, they are beholden to those voters to keep voting Democrat and not switch to a third party, otherwise no Democrat would ever get elected to anything, so the Democrats will continue to cater to the farthest left in their party to seeming keep them happy, while bleeding centrist voters who slip away in favor of the right.

Written by Stephan Ball

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