Oregon Deserves Better than Merkley and Wyden

With more than 80 percent of the counties in Oregon voting Conservative, we get represented by Democrats.

With Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden having a poor track record helping rural Oregonians when they need it, instead catering to Portland and Salem in their times of need. Oregonians in the rural areas need to unite, and vote with on voice to elect someone who speaks for them in Washinton D.C. Every Oregon adult needs to talk to their friends their adult kids, their parents, and extended family. We need a critical revolution of ideals, we certainly need people in Washington D.C. who have rural Oregon at heart. Merkley and Wyden spend most of their time in D.C. trying to please Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and not listening to what people in Oregon want.

With the Senators of Oregon having an agenda to that of the political progressive, I would actually say that it is regressive, the socialistic ideals of Wyden and Merkley are unrealistic when it comes to gun control, late term abortion, illegal alien rights, and even the recent impeachment hearings, Both Oregon Senators come out on the lower polling side of all of the above issues, but why? Well they receive funding from the Democratic National Committee, which is funded by powerful political donors, mostly in New York and California, so they are going to do what California and New York want. Oregon voted overwhelmingly not to allow illegals have drivers licenses, but yet both Merkley and Wyden push even for them to be allowed to vote.

While Wyden is just slightly better than Merkley as far as his votes for what Oregon wants and looking out for the Oregon voter. Wyden has been in Washinton D.C. longer and needs to be replaced for the same reason that we change our underwear, in that we wear them too long they become full of feces. Merkley is the “left”, well the epitome of it, sponsored by Soros and Livable World he sides almost exclusively with Portland and Salem, I have monitored his Facebook for the last three years, and he has been critical of the President in every post, except one where I would consider the comments neutral. Merkley was even critical of Trump stopping flights from China, which many medical experts now say saved thousands of lives, for that alone Merkley should resign.

Livable World was originally created by the old Russian KGB to undermine United States Military Readiness, since it has morphed into an organization Called the Council for a Livable World, and has become anti-nuke, still undermining the American Military. The reason I say this is by reading their website, if they were a entire world organization targeting anti-nuke for the entire world that would be great if they lobbied for change in Russia and China, but they don’t, they are fixated on undermining only the American Nuclear Arsenal, which as I said was their original mandate, and on the premise of which Merkley was elected.

Lets look at a good senator, like the honorable Senator from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R,) who recently recovered from the Corona virus, the Senator is also a Doctor and is volunteering at a local hospital, I have monitored Rand Paul for the last few years as well, and his Facebook feed shows he is about 60 percent in favor of what the President does. No one should ever be 100 percent perfect to anyone else, and Trump is not perfect the left says he is “mean” and a “racist,” don’t they call anyone who disagrees with them a racist? Senator Rand Paul stands up to the President when he needs to but works with him most of the time, and he works with him for the betterment of Kentucky.

Written by Stephan Ball

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