United States meat production takes another hit during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sonny Purdue

Major meat processing plants are being shut down as many workers became ill. Now meat production in some locations is reduced by 25%. Making many wonder if the American food supply is still strong as Representative US Agriculture secretary Sonny Purdue is claiming.

The beef and cattle industry actually meat production in the US all around including Chicken and Poultry industry have been on a study decline. Agricultural studies in the United States show produce production is also reduced. US farmers have been struggling for a long time to get from Federal Government to help with food production industry.

Stefanie Smallhouse State representative of Arizona Farm Bureau also states that farmers income has reduced 50% since 2013 so any damage to the meat industry is devastating to the United States.

Representative Smallhouse claims $13.6 billion dollars in damages to beef and cattle industry alone during the coronavirus pandemic.

This lack of support for Farming has to be addressed before The United States have another catastrophe that leads to further decline of food production in the United States.

We cannot rely on outside United States meat sources. The standards of their production is so beneath that of US standards which itself could be damaging to Americans with unknown health effects.

Written by Marie Sharp

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