The Oregon Conservative Proudly Endorses James Cleavenger for Lane County District Attorney.

With Patricia Perlow and James Cleavenger running for the District Attorney’s Office in Lane County it might be hard for some people to find the right person to vote for. Do you vote for the incumbent, who was appointed by Kate Brown, then elected in a later election? Do you vote for a police officer/private attorney, who has stood up to the system and seems like a relative unknown like Cleavenger?

Patricia Perlow has ethical issues with regards to conflicts she has had with a Lane County District Judge, who the Governor later appointed to the Oregon State Court of Appeals, citing that the judge in question was above reproach and had an amazing work ethic, which calls into question Perlow’s judgement, then you have Perlow hiring an outside of the state agency for work a company in Lane County could have done, truly showing she does not have the best interest of the people of Lane County at heart. There are ad companies in Lane County, and even more in Oregon, however, Perlow spends the money out of state.

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Information was received from the Cleavenger for DA Facebook.

James Cleavenger is currently an Oakridge Police Officer and by all accounts truly in touch with the people he comes in contact with. Cleavenger has an ethical sense of being that I believe Lane County needs, he believes our money needs to be spent as close to home as possible and that our dollars need to be used to put and keep Oregonians and Lane County citizens in jobs and working. Cleavenger is certainly the underdog, with people sick of Perlow, it may be the chance Lane County has to take their county back.

James Cleavenger sued the University of Oregon and won a whistle blower lawsuit when he spoke out about public safety department at the university’s inept and unprofessional actions including biases and lax record keeping, the University punished him, and he filed suit citing that the then University Public Safety Department Chief McDermed had unduly punished him for speaking out. A jury subsequently awarded Cleavenger $755,000 finding that McDermed and the U of O had violated his First Amendment Rights. The University claimed they would appeal the decision.

I believe Cleavenger will bring that kind of ethical thinking to the Lane County District Attorney’s Office once again. Whereas the DA’s office has been under fire for not prosecuting crimes, especially property crimes and drug crimes and with the homeless epidemic rising in Lane County, someone has to do something.

I am going to vote for James Cleavenger, I know him personally, and find him to be ethical, hardworking, and compassionate. I fully support him for the job of Lane County District Attorney.

Written by Stephan Ball

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