The Left Takes This Opportunity to Burn it Down

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With the recent death of George Floyd while he was being arrested by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department, the country is ignited in hatred against perceived police bias. While there are bad apples in every bunch, as a retired officer I can tell you every single police officer who is worth anything loves getting rid of bad police officers.

I have watched the video of the arrest and death of Floyd, and as a Master Defensive Tactics Instructor and 15 year Use of Force Instructor, He was not trained to place his knee like that across the neck of Floyd by any Defensive Tactics Instructor who was doing their job properly. The officers during the arrest did not allow Floyd to comply with the verbal commands they were giving him, they did not respond to his complaints of injury, and they kept him laying fact down on the ground for more than five minutes. All of these aforementioned things are concerning, some of them look to be criminally so. I believe the FBI will conduct a full and thorough investigation, just as they did with the Rodney King case.

Please don’t riot!, President Trump has assured the people that who systemic violence will be addressed. It seems to occur mostly in Democrat controlled areas, and they are the first ones to case stones saying it is the fault of Republicans. Not in this case they don’t get to do that.

Minnesota Governor is Democrat Tim Walz. Both of the Senators from Minnesota are Democrats Amy Klobuchar, and Tina Smith. The Mayor of Minneapolis is Jacob Frey, a Democrat, in fact he is a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton. There are no Republicans in the line here, so Democrats get to own all of this.

Medaria Arradondo is the current Chief of Police for Minneapolis and by all accounts he seems to be a very good Chief, having worked his way up for patrol, school resource, and internal affairs. Having some good policies on his resume does not hurt either like having officer stop enforcing low level marijuana infractions due to the racial disparity of these types of cases. I think the Chief made one major error though with regards to this case, he has an officer working on the road with 18 complaints against him regarding excessive use of force, and he allowed that officer to keep putting his hands on citizens or as it were his knee on one.

With Democrats throughout Congress calling for “Social Justice” on Twitter and Facebook, rioting has broken out in many Democratically controlled cities across the country. Bringing up a good point, when President Trump points out the violence in Minnesota is unacceptable and the National Guard may be brought in the quell it he is mocked, but when United States Congresswomen call for the rioting across the country and show how they are paying for it, we need action.

Remember this when you vote in November, Make sure to tell you’re friends, and their friends, get everyone registered, every vote matters.

Written by Stephan Ball

Racist Biden is Exposed.

Joe Biden tells popular radio host 'you ain't black' if ...
Former VP Joe Biden Appeared on Breakfast Club with Charlemagne

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Friday morning that an African-American radio personality “ain’t black” if he was questioning whether he should support the presumptive Democrat nominee over President Trump, thus solidifying the stance that he believes Democrats control the black vote and are due it when election time comes.

Biden went on to tout his voting record, and how he said it helps the black community, when in fact his voting record is responsible for massive black youth incarceration, the very thing this administration overturned just recently with criminal justice reform.

Are Democrats so out of touch with the black voter that they think they can pull people’s “black card” if they don’t vote Democrat? With Trump gaining voters among black voters with massive economic assistance, the lowest black unemployment ever among the black community pre-corona. People like Kanye West, Kim Kardasian, Candace Owens, and others praising the job he is doing among the black community, comments like Biden’s can only push more voters into the Trump camp.

A black U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott called Biden’s comment “the most arrogant thing I have seen in a long time.” With Biden having won South Carolina is the primaries, Tim Scott’s criticism of his comment could be a spring board for those who oppose racism to finally realize that Biden and the Democrats do not have their best interest at heart, and have not for a long time if ever.

During the video Biden panders to Charlemagne by speaking in a way that he does not speak with speaking with white reporters, he spoke with more slang and in what some would call a “black” way. This is just another way, to tell when someone is a racist, when a person will change and pander to a culture by appropriating it’s accents to speak to you in order to be more readily understood, they think you are too stupid to understand the way they normally speak.

One thing is for sure, we all got to see Bide the true :blue” Democrat racist this morning, make sure to talk to all of your friends and educate them.

Written by Stephan Ball

Voters Registration for Many GOP Voters Changed, Criminally?

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Measure To Mandate Truthfulness In ...

With literally hundreds of people across Oregon complaining that their voter registration was being changed without their permissions. A few months ago, I began speaking with Republicans across Oregon and learned that many were discovering their registrations were changed to independent or non-affiliated. This can be done at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or manually requested through mail or online. There people all tell me that they never changed their voter status from GOP to NAV or Independent.

With Oregon being a closed primary state, only people of the party can choose who represents the respective parties in state and federal races. With this change, it pulls many people from being able to vote in the primary of their original choice, if done maliciously it would be a serious crime. If you believe you have been subjected to this crime report a violation to the Oregon Department of Justice at #503-378-4400.

This is so prevalent in Oregon that people created a Facebook group to support each other and report violations.

Make sure voters that you check your registrations, have your family and friends check theirs. Report any suspected criminal violations to the above number.

Written by Stephan Ball

Apple and China Protect Terrorists.

Opinion | Attorney General William Barr and the Rule of Law - The ...
Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray talked yesterday about Apple not helping in the fight against Terror.

Attorney General Bill Barr gave a press conference to update on the shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting a few months ago, updating us that at the scene of the attack, one of the terrorists had a cell phone, and during the firefight that occurred during the incident, the terrorist shot his cell phone with a bullet. FBI Director Wray believed that this was in order to sabotage the information contained inside.

According to Director Wray, the FBI had valid search warrants for the contents of the phone, but had difficulty in getting into the phone because of the security measures in place. Apple has a history of not helping law enforcement when they need to get through Apple’s encryption. Director Wray then announced that FBI technicians were able to get into the phone anyway, it just took them time to do it. Wray said this time allows other terrorists to conceal evidence or get away, and that if Apple would have helped them after they had obtained a valid warrant for the contents of the phone, they could have prevented the concealment and destruction of evidence.

According to Attorney General Barr, President Trump himself called Apple to ask for assistance in this matter, and was denied. Apple contains most of it’s manufacturing in China. With tensions being so high with China right now over the Corona Virus origins, with China claiming the South China Sea, and growing military concerns in Taiwan, it seems Apple is playing a dangerous game with the U.S. Department of Justice. Is Apple choosing China over the U.S.?

When the FBI was finally able to get the phone open the information it contained was helpful against Al Qaeda of the Saudi Peninsula. Wray also said that the information would have been of more use if gotten to sooner, but in almost a shot across the bow to Apple, he said, with a bit of luck and some fine work the people of the FBI were able to get to the information, almost making a point to note the FBI broken Apple’s encryption.

As far as Apple is concerned, they see customer security as a priority. Where does that cross a line when it comes to terrorism? When law enforcement has a warrant? We know sometimes law enforcement is wrong or does things without the appropriate probable cause, with Obamagate looming, personal liberties are at the forefront of world news. Think of Apple being the landlord to the house you rent (being the house if your phone) law enforcement cannot force the landlord to open the door for them, they can however force you to do it, what FBI Director Wray and AG Barr want now is for legislation to come down that will allow for warrants to be issued that will allow law enforcement to force (the land lord) to open that door.

Let me know what you think by commenting on the story.

Written by Stephan Ball

The People are Fed up With Brown.

Brown introduces new guidance for reopening Oregon starting May 15 ...
According to Gov. Brown, the state must re-open slowly.

Portland attorney James L. Buchal, in association with attorney Tyler Smith of Canby, Oregon, has filed suit in federal district court to enjoin the Governor’s continuing shutdown of businesses throughout the State. The complaint, brought on behalf of small businesses throughout the State, alleges that full shutdown orders are obviously no longer necessary to prevent Oregon’s emergency health services from being overwhelmed, and that the massive economic harm from the shutdown, and rise in suicides, should “shock the conscience” of the Court. The suit is supported by expert medical testimony warning of the very real adverse effects of the Governor’s lockdown which may even exceed the effects of COVID-19. Buchal warns that “few American citizens understand that perhaps the most fundamental human right, to work to earn money to support oneself, is now perhaps the most disfavored right in the federal courts. Instead of a government of laws, we have a totem pole of rights depending on your identity group, and the rights of ordinary Americans who just want to make a living are at the bottom of that totem pole.” If nothing else, he says, “the suit will constitute a litmus test to identify the federal judges who regard ordinary citizens as mere cattle of the State, not free citizens with inalienable rights.”

With many medical experts predicting the suicides nationally will be more than five times higher than average, more job loss than in the Great Depression. During the Great Depression thousands of people killed themselves due to overwhelming economic pressure, we are seeing that kind of pressure again. With a fatality rate lower than that of Tuberculosis, and what Democrats see a losing economy for President Trump many feel that this virus and it’s lockdown is no needed, and only as tool to get Joe Biden elected as President.

With 24 of the 50 states now open for business, and 11 having never closed, many feel it was not needed in the first place. With more and more people bucking the orders, many feel the initial orders for quarantine were unconstitutional in the first place. For public health lets say the Governor does have the power to order a quarantine, does she have to show a great risk to the people of the state, with less than one percent of the people infected with the virus dying from it, there is no great risk.

Tesla giant, Elon Musk even bucked the system, by re-opening his production plant against lock down orders, daring the people in charge to arrest him. Let us learn from his example, if our simple freedoms as citizens of this great country can be taken with just a wave of a pen, and not returned when the threat is diminished, then we have something we need to be worried about, and it is not the virus, it is our government.

The COVID 19 virus is a risk to be sure, about the same as all of the other flu viruses if you in a high risk category, less deadly than polio, the spanish flu, or tuberculosis and we did not have a national quarantine for those, what is different? Donald J Trump. .

It is time to openly rebel, perhaps not, but lets see how this law suit goes, and see if Brown will re-open on her own, and for Pete’s sake vote for conservatives on your ballot and turn it in. We can do our business at the ballot, we need to vote for conservatives and put them in place, it may take many years to undo what Brown, Defazio, Wyden, and Merkely have done, but together as conservatives we can do it.

Written by Stephan Ball

Aren’t Boston’s the Best?

Sunni, a two year old Boston Terrier female with two of her most recent litter.

Having Boston Terriers is amazing, I feel sometimes like I they can tell what I am thinking or when I am hurting. Seeing them interact with each other, is magical in the fact that they seem to speak through a language we call “bitey face” where they pretend to bite and playfully growl at each other’s faces, in a series of movements.

As the proud owner of a male adult Boston Terrier by the name of “Sergeant Major Chapin.” I am truly blessed by “Sarge’s” attitude and daily entertainment through his antics. He is very protective of me if someone tries to tickle me or if the vaccuum cleaner tries to get to close. He sleeps with me, and he snores like a grown man with a blocked nasal passage, he smiles at me by lifting one side of his lips and showing just a hint of his teeth while wagging his butt because he has no tail of which he is trying to wag. Sarge has killed many dish towels, and squeaky toys, the broom and mop are his mortal enemy.

Sunni, is my Wife’s companion other than me. Sunni Skye Chapin, recently had a large litter of ten puppies, all of which lived. Sunni put her all into those babies, physically it took a lot out of her, drawing her down to just skin and bones, she nursed those babies, she has gotten it all back and a little more, being quite healthy now.

Seven or so months have passed since the litter and we still see four or five of the pups, she still mothers them every time she sees them just like it is the first day. I don’t know if I am lucky as a Boston owner in having these two as good as they are, or if it is just the breed, they are the best dogs for companionship I have ever seen, they actually want to be around their owners all the time, like cuddling, love playing, love the outdoors. They do not do the heat too well, and they do not do the cold too well, a definite inside dog.

My Wife and I love our dogs so much that we kept one of their pairing, her name is Melania Boo Boo Chapin. Boo Boo is such a cute little sweetie, she loves to climb onto my chest and sleep along side me, she also has the singularly longest tongue on a animal her size I have ever seen, it is like an anteater. With Melania being a shy little dog, she likes to follow all the other Bostons around, she however does like to sit near your face and lick your nose, then when you giggle about it, she licks more, and then she does more, when you laugh more, she does more and so on, and etc, it is she like she enjoys the game of licking your nose and face as much as you like giggling and telling her to stop. Soon you are rolling your head back and forth in a panic mode of laughter and giggles and she lathers your face with her lengthy tongue. I call it Boston Water Boarding.

Every Boston is like every person, distinct, their very own personality, out of the puppies we see from Sunni’s litter there is Bruiser. Bruiser is an energetic male, he loves cuddles and loves snacks, he listens good, and loves his owner’s boyfriend more than the owner herself. Bruiser is my boy, he loves to come and jump up next to me and get petted, he loves the attention he gets from everyone. Perhaps he is a bit spoiled but if you have a Boston, you should spoil them, they will spoil you.

“Bubble” is my Granddaughter’s Boston, she used to go by the street name of “Fat Carol,” because she was the biggest of the litter and kind of a bully, she is a playful, lovey Boston, she is a bit wild and super tough, she loves to come over and play with her Mom and Dad, and any of the litter who happen to be around. She is a favorite of the parents, because she is big enough to play rough with them, they often go at it.

Xanax is my Daughter’s Boston, he got that name from being a “chill” dog, super relaxed, if Bob Marley were a Boston Terrier it would be this Boston Terrier, he is kind of growing out of the calm mood, but it is still there, He seems to be gaining confidence as well as size and he is almost as high at the shoulder as the Mighty Sarge (his Daddy.)

If you are a cat person, don’t get a Boston. They do not like the cats that cross out in front of our house on a daily basis, while not constant barkers they are good watch dogs, not big enough to be a guard dog, they will let you know when anyone comes on your property, and the vacuum and water hose will likely live in fear of them for years.

Written by Stephan Ball

Timber Unity and Conservatives Need to Unite

Timber Unity - Home | Facebook
According to some sources, Julie Parrish seized control of the organization, but according to a founding member she was brought in to help.

As a Journalist who posts to various Facebook pages, the one page that deletes or censors my post the most is the Timber unity Facebook page. Every single time you write about something or someone Timber Unity endorses they post the article, if they do not like them they remove it or do not allow it to be posted in the first place. As a conservative I write about pro-conservative things and people generally. If Timber Unity does not like a certain Conservative, like Paul Romero, they deleted my post of him three times, telling me one time they would post it, posting it, then as soon as it was posted, pulling it down. This bothered me so I went looking and found a huge rift between conservative factions in Oregon, with one faction thinking Timberunity had been stolen from the group and placed into moderate hands.

In August of 2019, apparently Julie Parrish was asked by the founding members of Timberunity to come on board with the organization and help them better navigate the political minefield of Oregon politics. A $5,ooo dollar donation was received from Andrew Miller of Stimson Lumber to help start a Political Action Committee. I spoke with Todd Stoffel, the Vice President of Timber Unity who told me that the group is as committed to ever to a firm”No” on cap n trade, despite rumors that the organization was in talks to negotiate with Governor Brown to get Cap n Trade passed. Todd Stoffel also told me he believes Julie Parrish is good for Timber Unity and is helping the organization navigate politically.

I am not sure where the messages get crossed about Timber Unity, the fact that they suppress stories from their sites about conservatives who are in line with what timber unity believes but who are not their friends, while other conservatives that believe that Timber Unity has been taken over by moderate forces and is willing to negotiate on cap n trade, essentially selling out Oregon to the Chinese. I am here to set the record straight. I have it straight from Stoffel himself, they are a firm “No” on Cap n Trade.

Every conservative in Oregon should have the same goals, that should be a firm “No” on cap n trade, and the election of conservative candidates when the time comes. The Primaries are the time for us to has some fun in deciding who is going to represent the best front against our real enemy, the Democratic establishment. Whether it is a failed recall because of a lack of cooperation on the GOP’s part, or the fact that two sides of the same animal cannot talk to each other, one thing is for sure; Conservatism in Oregon is broken, and until we fix it, we are doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes.

Written by Stephan Ball

Vote by Mail Ripe with Fraud

Ballot Box

Whatever you do, get out and vote, the push by neo-liberals to have vote by mail is stronger than ever, and with already having it here in Oregon we have people telling us it is perfectly safe. That is simply not the case, with the Federal Elections Assistance Commission announcing that during the last four elections mail in ballots have been responsible for 28.4 million missing ballots. This number is huge breaking down into roughly 7.1 million voters per election nationwide. With Hillary Clinton surpassing Donald Trump in the popular vote by as little as a million votes, it is clear that mail in ballots are ripe with fraud, if a party does not like the way a person votes, they just toss the ballot in the trash, it store it away somewhere until it does not matter.

Ballot harvesting tends to be another tactic used in mail in states to cheat. Ballot harvesting is when a parties volunteers and workers use certain ballots and not others when collecting them. This happens in California and North Carolina, with cases in both in recent elections, since most political party volunteers are Democrats, they have oversight on the ballots, and with human error comes temptation, and in a close race sometimes it is too much for Democrats to resist. While I am not saying Republican voter fraud does not occur, it is no where near as prevalent, especially with states that conduct mail in ballots.

If someone comes to you and tells you that vote by mail is safe, send them to this article, I have attached sources at the bottom, giving you all the ammo you need to show them that it is not. As a police officer for many years the “Chain of Custody of Evidence” was paramount, no evidence could be admitted in court if there was a chance it had been tampered with, the same should be said about our votes.

Written by Stephan Ball

Perlow and Cleavenger Debate!

The District Attorney race in Lane County is turning out to be exciting and full of “mudslinging. “

With both sides slinging mud back and forth prior to tonight’s debate, I will be covering it live, then giving you the gist of what I saw and what we can look out for in future debates. With three debates scheduled between the two candidates, there is sure to be some sparks.

Patty Perlow is the incumbent and was appointed to the position by Governor Kate Brown in August of 2015 to the position after the resignation of Alex Gardner. Perlow was subsequently elected to the position in 2016 in a race against Eugene Lawyer, Clayton Tullos, receiving roughly 75% of the vote.

James Cleavenger is an attorney and police officer, he currently works for the City of Oakridge as a Police Officer and has worked for the University of Oregon Department of Public Safety. He has worked for Coburg, and Junction City before coming to Oakridge.

The debate between the two candidates took place on Zoom, a web based video sharing program that allows multiple people to share cameras at the same time. The debate was sponsored by Molina Leadership, each candidate had two minutes to answer each question, and a three minute time to speak to the voters.

Perlow went first in her speech to the voters, speaking about being able to receive grants and increasing funding and hiring back lawyers that had been let go in the previous administration. Claiming that she has a lower repeat offender rate, increasing mental health services, and services for juvenile homelessness. Indicating she was the the leader that was needed for the future with her experience.

James Cleavenger went next, indicating he was standing against the status quo, and that he was not hand picked and is against the nepotism that has existed in the office for many years. Stating that he is currently a part time lawyer and full time police officer. He is favor of increasing funding for mental health, and court mandated help. Speaking about law enforcement body cams, and stating that they should be released as soon as possible after a major incident regarding police officers and the community

Patty was asked what the definition of justice, she indicated that justice is not just handed out by the DA’s office, stating right now that justice is being delayed. It is a cooperative effort among the levels of criminal justice. Justice is what is right, and is what gets done when all the pieces work together.

Cleavenger was asked the same question regarding justice and indicated that the DA’s office fails to investigate most of the cases they are sent and that is frustrating. Perlow responded by stating that complete investigations are prosecuted, she indicated that poorly trained, smaller departments tend to have poorer quality work.

Cleavenger was asked about his limited experience, he said that he prosecuted municipal court cases, and that victims need to get their day in court, and he tries to make sure they get that. Perlow brought up a good point that the budget for the DA’s office is 11 million dollars and that Cleavenger did not have that experience. Perlow said she has prosecuted 30 years of cases and that mentoring is a big part of the job. Cleavenger’s rebuttal was that he would use the experience in the office to help him, and did not think it would be just his job to mentor.

Perlow was asked to explain her recruitment, retention, and training. She talked about having someone at U of O that helps her find good people, and the people who are on her staff, are there because they love it, they do the job because they care about the people and the community. Perlow elaborated that her office loses lawyers to the DOJ because their pay is better.

Cleavenger was asked about how he would manage the DA’s office, he indicated that there is already management in place, and that he would just tweak it as needed, making no drastic changes right away. You can’t make immediate drastic changes to the office, Make the office owned by the people. Perlow responded by stating that the complexities of the office prevent her name being taken off most things.

Perlow talked about being a team, that a culture changed, and that the public safety of the community has been improved. She said that the people in her office are excited about the culture there and everyone enjoys the hard work.

Perlow talked about a Child Advocacy System that was in place since before 2013, not claiming credit for it but not stating that the system was already in place when she took office, for the uneducated they would think she had started the program. Cleavenger talked about the lack of notification when offenders are released from jail, claiming that he would like to see that instituted not just for the victims but for the police, so they can be aware. Perlow responded by indicating that responsibility is the courts.

Perlow indicated that treatment court has it’s difficulties but is coming along. Perlow indicated success with Veteran’s Court and how proud she was of it. Cleavenger spoke about severe drug problems in Lane County and that something was needed to address it. Both candidates spoke about mass incarcerations indicating that prisons are needed for violent offenders, sex offenders, and severe property crime offenders with Perlow winning the point with her current stance. Cleavenger spoke about listening to the science and getting them the help they need to get programs to help address mental health, drug treatment, and homelessness. Perlow talked about having to use prison as a device to get some offenders to complete drug treatment.

Cleavenger, spoke about assistant district attorney’s not going forward with their cases because they are afraid to lose. Perlow responded that it was false, she indicated that the people in the office are encouraged to prosecute crimes and that losses will educate them. Perlow responded by saying that each lawyer she has is taught to be ethical, and logical in their decision making.

Cleavenger brought up that Perlow does not get along with the Public Defender’s Office. Perlow responded by saying that her and the Public Defender’s Office do work together well, and that they advocate together. Perlow even said that she was wanting higher pay for the public defense trial lawyers. Cleavenger responded that he was glad she had repaired that relationship.

Perlow and Cleavenger spoke about violent juvenile offenses, Cleavenger supports that the judges should have the right at sentencing, in opposition to Measure 11 for juveniles. Perlow challenged Cleavenger to find one juvenile case in the county that did not deserve to be tried as measure 11 that was. Cleavenger could not find one in Lane County, but did speak about one from another county that resulted in a long term incarceration for a 15 or 16 year old.

Perlow said the DA’s office provides significant rural communities being heard, speaking about law enforcement presence not having not enough police officers. Also indicating that law enforcement had access to 24 hour legal advice through an on call DA. Cleavenger disagreed, saying that persons in smaller communities had been forgotten, also saying that he knew that Perlow had been invited to a recent public safety forum in Oakridge but that she had refused to come. Perlow refuted saying that she had received an invitation to come to Oakridge, but when the city found out what she intended to say they did not want her to come. This reporter asked her who she had spoken with from the city and what she was going to say? I had not received a response as of the publication of this article, but stay tuned.

While all in all it was a good debate, the two have some animosity toward each other, which is usually the case when two people vie for such an important role. I would have to say the incumbent won the debate, with Cleavenger bringing up a lot of good points. There are too many ethical problems with Perlow that have been covered in previous articles to back her for DA, but her performance was adequate and polished, she did not get flustered, and seemed prepared. Cleavenger also seemed prepared and was perhaps caught flatfooted once or twice, but overall both did well.

Written by Stephan Ball