Vote by Mail Ripe with Fraud

Ballot Box

Whatever you do, get out and vote, the push by neo-liberals to have vote by mail is stronger than ever, and with already having it here in Oregon we have people telling us it is perfectly safe. That is simply not the case, with the Federal Elections Assistance Commission announcing that during the last four elections mail in ballots have been responsible for 28.4 million missing ballots. This number is huge breaking down into roughly 7.1 million voters per election nationwide. With Hillary Clinton surpassing Donald Trump in the popular vote by as little as a million votes, it is clear that mail in ballots are ripe with fraud, if a party does not like the way a person votes, they just toss the ballot in the trash, it store it away somewhere until it does not matter.

Ballot harvesting tends to be another tactic used in mail in states to cheat. Ballot harvesting is when a parties volunteers and workers use certain ballots and not others when collecting them. This happens in California and North Carolina, with cases in both in recent elections, since most political party volunteers are Democrats, they have oversight on the ballots, and with human error comes temptation, and in a close race sometimes it is too much for Democrats to resist. While I am not saying Republican voter fraud does not occur, it is no where near as prevalent, especially with states that conduct mail in ballots.

If someone comes to you and tells you that vote by mail is safe, send them to this article, I have attached sources at the bottom, giving you all the ammo you need to show them that it is not. As a police officer for many years the “Chain of Custody of Evidence” was paramount, no evidence could be admitted in court if there was a chance it had been tampered with, the same should be said about our votes.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Vote by Mail Ripe with Fraud

  1. There doesn’t seem to be too much information regarding the standing of the various “incumbent” Judges listed for the various positions (on the ballot). Is anyone opposing them? How can you “write in” somebody if there is “no” info regarding the status quo or alternative choices?


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