Aren’t Boston’s the Best?

Sunni, a two year old Boston Terrier female with two of her most recent litter.

Having Boston Terriers is amazing, I feel sometimes like I they can tell what I am thinking or when I am hurting. Seeing them interact with each other, is magical in the fact that they seem to speak through a language we call “bitey face” where they pretend to bite and playfully growl at each other’s faces, in a series of movements.

As the proud owner of a male adult Boston Terrier by the name of “Sergeant Major Chapin.” I am truly blessed by “Sarge’s” attitude and daily entertainment through his antics. He is very protective of me if someone tries to tickle me or if the vaccuum cleaner tries to get to close. He sleeps with me, and he snores like a grown man with a blocked nasal passage, he smiles at me by lifting one side of his lips and showing just a hint of his teeth while wagging his butt because he has no tail of which he is trying to wag. Sarge has killed many dish towels, and squeaky toys, the broom and mop are his mortal enemy.

Sunni, is my Wife’s companion other than me. Sunni Skye Chapin, recently had a large litter of ten puppies, all of which lived. Sunni put her all into those babies, physically it took a lot out of her, drawing her down to just skin and bones, she nursed those babies, she has gotten it all back and a little more, being quite healthy now.

Seven or so months have passed since the litter and we still see four or five of the pups, she still mothers them every time she sees them just like it is the first day. I don’t know if I am lucky as a Boston owner in having these two as good as they are, or if it is just the breed, they are the best dogs for companionship I have ever seen, they actually want to be around their owners all the time, like cuddling, love playing, love the outdoors. They do not do the heat too well, and they do not do the cold too well, a definite inside dog.

My Wife and I love our dogs so much that we kept one of their pairing, her name is Melania Boo Boo Chapin. Boo Boo is such a cute little sweetie, she loves to climb onto my chest and sleep along side me, she also has the singularly longest tongue on a animal her size I have ever seen, it is like an anteater. With Melania being a shy little dog, she likes to follow all the other Bostons around, she however does like to sit near your face and lick your nose, then when you giggle about it, she licks more, and then she does more, when you laugh more, she does more and so on, and etc, it is she like she enjoys the game of licking your nose and face as much as you like giggling and telling her to stop. Soon you are rolling your head back and forth in a panic mode of laughter and giggles and she lathers your face with her lengthy tongue. I call it Boston Water Boarding.

Every Boston is like every person, distinct, their very own personality, out of the puppies we see from Sunni’s litter there is Bruiser. Bruiser is an energetic male, he loves cuddles and loves snacks, he listens good, and loves his owner’s boyfriend more than the owner herself. Bruiser is my boy, he loves to come and jump up next to me and get petted, he loves the attention he gets from everyone. Perhaps he is a bit spoiled but if you have a Boston, you should spoil them, they will spoil you.

“Bubble” is my Granddaughter’s Boston, she used to go by the street name of “Fat Carol,” because she was the biggest of the litter and kind of a bully, she is a playful, lovey Boston, she is a bit wild and super tough, she loves to come over and play with her Mom and Dad, and any of the litter who happen to be around. She is a favorite of the parents, because she is big enough to play rough with them, they often go at it.

Xanax is my Daughter’s Boston, he got that name from being a “chill” dog, super relaxed, if Bob Marley were a Boston Terrier it would be this Boston Terrier, he is kind of growing out of the calm mood, but it is still there, He seems to be gaining confidence as well as size and he is almost as high at the shoulder as the Mighty Sarge (his Daddy.)

If you are a cat person, don’t get a Boston. They do not like the cats that cross out in front of our house on a daily basis, while not constant barkers they are good watch dogs, not big enough to be a guard dog, they will let you know when anyone comes on your property, and the vacuum and water hose will likely live in fear of them for years.

Written by Stephan Ball

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