Timber Unity and Conservatives Need to Unite

Timber Unity - Home | Facebook
According to some sources, Julie Parrish seized control of the organization, but according to a founding member she was brought in to help.

As a Journalist who posts to various Facebook pages, the one page that deletes or censors my post the most is the Timber unity Facebook page. Every single time you write about something or someone Timber Unity endorses they post the article, if they do not like them they remove it or do not allow it to be posted in the first place. As a conservative I write about pro-conservative things and people generally. If Timber Unity does not like a certain Conservative, like Paul Romero, they deleted my post of him three times, telling me one time they would post it, posting it, then as soon as it was posted, pulling it down. This bothered me so I went looking and found a huge rift between conservative factions in Oregon, with one faction thinking Timberunity had been stolen from the group and placed into moderate hands.

In August of 2019, apparently Julie Parrish was asked by the founding members of Timberunity to come on board with the organization and help them better navigate the political minefield of Oregon politics. A $5,ooo dollar donation was received from Andrew Miller of Stimson Lumber to help start a Political Action Committee. I spoke with Todd Stoffel, the Vice President of Timber Unity who told me that the group is as committed to ever to a firm”No” on cap n trade, despite rumors that the organization was in talks to negotiate with Governor Brown to get Cap n Trade passed. Todd Stoffel also told me he believes Julie Parrish is good for Timber Unity and is helping the organization navigate politically.

I am not sure where the messages get crossed about Timber Unity, the fact that they suppress stories from their sites about conservatives who are in line with what timber unity believes but who are not their friends, while other conservatives that believe that Timber Unity has been taken over by moderate forces and is willing to negotiate on cap n trade, essentially selling out Oregon to the Chinese. I am here to set the record straight. I have it straight from Stoffel himself, they are a firm “No” on Cap n Trade.

Every conservative in Oregon should have the same goals, that should be a firm “No” on cap n trade, and the election of conservative candidates when the time comes. The Primaries are the time for us to has some fun in deciding who is going to represent the best front against our real enemy, the Democratic establishment. Whether it is a failed recall because of a lack of cooperation on the GOP’s part, or the fact that two sides of the same animal cannot talk to each other, one thing is for sure; Conservatism in Oregon is broken, and until we fix it, we are doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes.

Written by Stephan Ball

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