Apple and China Protect Terrorists.

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Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray talked yesterday about Apple not helping in the fight against Terror.

Attorney General Bill Barr gave a press conference to update on the shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting a few months ago, updating us that at the scene of the attack, one of the terrorists had a cell phone, and during the firefight that occurred during the incident, the terrorist shot his cell phone with a bullet. FBI Director Wray believed that this was in order to sabotage the information contained inside.

According to Director Wray, the FBI had valid search warrants for the contents of the phone, but had difficulty in getting into the phone because of the security measures in place. Apple has a history of not helping law enforcement when they need to get through Apple’s encryption. Director Wray then announced that FBI technicians were able to get into the phone anyway, it just took them time to do it. Wray said this time allows other terrorists to conceal evidence or get away, and that if Apple would have helped them after they had obtained a valid warrant for the contents of the phone, they could have prevented the concealment and destruction of evidence.

According to Attorney General Barr, President Trump himself called Apple to ask for assistance in this matter, and was denied. Apple contains most of it’s manufacturing in China. With tensions being so high with China right now over the Corona Virus origins, with China claiming the South China Sea, and growing military concerns in Taiwan, it seems Apple is playing a dangerous game with the U.S. Department of Justice. Is Apple choosing China over the U.S.?

When the FBI was finally able to get the phone open the information it contained was helpful against Al Qaeda of the Saudi Peninsula. Wray also said that the information would have been of more use if gotten to sooner, but in almost a shot across the bow to Apple, he said, with a bit of luck and some fine work the people of the FBI were able to get to the information, almost making a point to note the FBI broken Apple’s encryption.

As far as Apple is concerned, they see customer security as a priority. Where does that cross a line when it comes to terrorism? When law enforcement has a warrant? We know sometimes law enforcement is wrong or does things without the appropriate probable cause, with Obamagate looming, personal liberties are at the forefront of world news. Think of Apple being the landlord to the house you rent (being the house if your phone) law enforcement cannot force the landlord to open the door for them, they can however force you to do it, what FBI Director Wray and AG Barr want now is for legislation to come down that will allow for warrants to be issued that will allow law enforcement to force (the land lord) to open that door.

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Written by Stephan Ball

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