The Left Takes This Opportunity to Burn it Down

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says '"It's ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don't lay the blame on others!" -President Trump'

With the recent death of George Floyd while he was being arrested by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department, the country is ignited in hatred against perceived police bias. While there are bad apples in every bunch, as a retired officer I can tell you every single police officer who is worth anything loves getting rid of bad police officers.

I have watched the video of the arrest and death of Floyd, and as a Master Defensive Tactics Instructor and 15 year Use of Force Instructor, He was not trained to place his knee like that across the neck of Floyd by any Defensive Tactics Instructor who was doing their job properly. The officers during the arrest did not allow Floyd to comply with the verbal commands they were giving him, they did not respond to his complaints of injury, and they kept him laying fact down on the ground for more than five minutes. All of these aforementioned things are concerning, some of them look to be criminally so. I believe the FBI will conduct a full and thorough investigation, just as they did with the Rodney King case.

Please don’t riot!, President Trump has assured the people that who systemic violence will be addressed. It seems to occur mostly in Democrat controlled areas, and they are the first ones to case stones saying it is the fault of Republicans. Not in this case they don’t get to do that.

Minnesota Governor is Democrat Tim Walz. Both of the Senators from Minnesota are Democrats Amy Klobuchar, and Tina Smith. The Mayor of Minneapolis is Jacob Frey, a Democrat, in fact he is a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton. There are no Republicans in the line here, so Democrats get to own all of this.

Medaria Arradondo is the current Chief of Police for Minneapolis and by all accounts he seems to be a very good Chief, having worked his way up for patrol, school resource, and internal affairs. Having some good policies on his resume does not hurt either like having officer stop enforcing low level marijuana infractions due to the racial disparity of these types of cases. I think the Chief made one major error though with regards to this case, he has an officer working on the road with 18 complaints against him regarding excessive use of force, and he allowed that officer to keep putting his hands on citizens or as it were his knee on one.

With Democrats throughout Congress calling for “Social Justice” on Twitter and Facebook, rioting has broken out in many Democratically controlled cities across the country. Bringing up a good point, when President Trump points out the violence in Minnesota is unacceptable and the National Guard may be brought in the quell it he is mocked, but when United States Congresswomen call for the rioting across the country and show how they are paying for it, we need action.

Remember this when you vote in November, Make sure to tell you’re friends, and their friends, get everyone registered, every vote matters.

Written by Stephan Ball

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