Is Segregation Wrong if You’re Trying to Protect People of Color?

Statement from Lincoln County Leadership 6.24.20 | Lincoln County ...
This is the county logo for the Oregon County that believed voluntary segregation of people of color was a good thing.

On June 11th, 2020 Lincoln County received documents from the Governor that informed them that they were one of seven counties in Oregon that was being asked to have people use masks when in public. Though not a law, it was a request, in their infinite wisdom Lincoln County decided to exempt “People of Color” from this request if they felt that wearing a mask would have people look at them in a negative light.

Many of the Democrats in the south after the Civil War enacted what are called the “Black Codes,” a set of laws set forth by Democrats all across the southern states for the safety of “black people and for the rest of the community”, that limited the things black people could do or say. While these were laws, this was the start of segregation, something our country is well aware of and something Democrats have a long history of. While I do not think that was the intent here, I think that it was the intent of the commissioners in this case to indeed protect people of color, however, that is why we have a Constitution for and a set of laws set before us. Making a new rule for people because you arbitrarily want to protect a minority group already protected is wrong for any reason or intent.

Changing the original rule the Governor sent down did not have to happen. Why did Lincoln County do it? Buckling to Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter Protests, Treating people differently because of their skin color is racism. In the memo below outlining the change they indicate how racist people had influenced them, without first accepting their own fault in the first place. We live in America, everyone is the same, no matter the color, no matter the class, no one is above the law and no one is exempt from it.

Written by Stephan Ball

June Jobs Report is Amazing for Trump.

Short Jewish Gal: Working Man

To the disappointment of Democrats who want Trump and America to fail prior to the election we have good news. In the June Jobs Report has told us that even in the midst of the Corona Virus the economy is too strong to fail with an increase of three million new jobs is good news. Contrary to Democrat’s wishes, who only pray for their candidate not to speak and for America to fail until the election so that their media can make him look as if he will be the salvation.

Vice President Mike Pence announced that President Trump is still fighting the virus, and that the Federal Government has no outstanding request for emergency supplies, With all needs currently met, and anticipated needs planned for President Trump seems ahead of where Democrats would have likely been during this. Democrats were critical of President Trump’s response to the virus, they called his response at first too strong, then they said he it was too weak. President Trump’s stroke of genius has been to give control of the virus response to the individual Governors of the states.

With these huge job numbers, the second subsequent increase in as many months. America seems to be recovering. Whether you think the virus is worthy of this response or not in the state you live, you have to be thankful that more people are getting back to work after approximately 30 million people were either laid off or fired during the pandemic.

Written by Stephan Ball

Bolton’s Book a Boon for Trump

White House odd couple: Trump and Bolton's tumultuous relationship ...

Even Senior Democrats do not like John Bolton’s new book “The room where it happened.” With excerpts of negotiations with North and South Korea in the book, and Bolton’s own admission calling for swifter and stronger military actions against Iran, Syria, and North Korea not being listened too by President Trump he had no choice but to resign. North Korea said in a statement that Bolton publishing the events of their negotiations was unprofessional and reckless.

Upon reading the book, I think John Bolton just nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for showing restraint in areas where Democrats and Republicans have had problems showing restraint in the past with transgressions upon our sovereignty. With Iran’s shooting down of an unmanned drone Bolton called for a military strike that would have killed 150-200 Iranians, Trump refused, instead he determined to go the route of Diplomacy, this must have really stuck in the craw of an old warhawk like Bolton, who admitted on Fox in an interview with Brett Baier that being an advisor and not the decision maker was the reason he resigned for his post as the National Security Advisor.

John Bolton comes from a long line of old Warhawk Republicans, that have been phased out from the Bush administration and before. The people are tired of endless wars, one of the reasons we voted for Trump was him being against the invasion of Iraq, and wanting peace in Afghanistan, as the Father of a soldier who has been to Iraq, and may go to Afghanistan, I am sure happy Trump in in there. I do not see Biden getting us out of Afghanistan, and Trump has already had multiple peace talks with the Taliban. If you want America to be strong, but peaceful, then you need to be voting for Donald J. Trump come November.

Written by Stephan Ball

Harrisburg Teacher Misty Bisby posts image of Cop with expletives.

Social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok and others often have people posting current events and their political views. But recently one social media post has gone viral not only in police communities but mothers groups sale sites and community pages. People everywhere are asking for Misty Bisby to be fired using the hashtag #FireMistyBisby.

Society is clamoring for the end or Racism and for Support for Police with Blue lives matter a Police support group invented to stop the murder of Cops. Black Lives Matter a group invented by far left Billionaire George Soros who also funds political activists to protest for brutality against Black Americans.

Misty Bisby’s post goes much further with an expletive aimed towards all Law Enforcement. It’s not a new phenomenon. Micah Johnson, a Texas man, carried out a ambush style attack on law enforcement officers killing 5 and injuring 9 others in 2016 after posting several similar expletive posts on social media.

We reached out to Bisby’s Principal Josh Stauber for comments.

Written by Marie

Is Being Proud of Being You Racist?

The NFL protests got white people to argue with white people

According to these protesters being white and silent about the most recent death of George Floyd is racist. With police officers, Sheriffs, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and just about every other Democrat pandering for social justice by kneeling, is it still okay to be proud of being you? According to many in the Black Lives Matter, even saying All Livers Matter, or that Blue Lives Matter, is racist. Yet with these protests you do not see a dominating percentage of the people present being black, they are white people, mostly young adults.

With statues being torn down, the Lincoln Memoral vandalized, even the 54th Mass. Military Monument (first North, all black, free unit) was vandalized. Is this about social justice or something else? With mostly progressive backing from the far left political affiliations within the Democratic Party, and calls for defunding police, you can be sure this is not about race, but instead, about control. With Democrats already in control of Minneapolis they could have implemented any control and policies they wanted to control racial divides within the black community there, it was Amy Klobucher who failed to prosecute Ofc. Chauvin the first time he killed an unarmed black male. All Democrat City Council, Democrat Mayor, Senators and Governor all Democrats. Even Ilhan Omar is a Congressional Representative of part of Minneapolis.

With conservatives like Dan Bongino and Candace Owens warning us that this is not about race, but about insurrection against Donald Trump. This was an excuse to riot, this was an excuse to raise money for Joe Biden, through an Organization called ACTBLUE which takes money for Black Lives Matter and in turn has made contributions to Democratic Party members using those funds. This is control, an apparent attempt to show who is the most “woke” among us, with riots in the street and now a six block area of Seattle in the hands of Antifa we can safely assume the far left of America has declared war on the rest of us.

I am white, do I need to feel guilty for writing an article that portrays BLM in a negative light, I don’t in fact, we need to call them out. In 2016 a self-professed BLM supporter ambushed and killed five Dallas police officers his name was Micah Xavier Johnson, he was killed by police after a brief standoff, being so dangerous that police had to rig a bomb to a remote control drone and detonate it near him. Also in 2016 three police officers were killed by another self-professed BLM member Gavin Long in Baton Rouge. After these two events, then President Obama invited DeRay Mckesson and Mica Grimm, (Minneapolis Chapter) of Black Lives Matter to the White House, to discuss events.

With the most recent taking of the six blocks of Seattle’s East Precinct, Black Lives Matter stormed the Seattle City Hall, with members of Antifa. Ask yourself this, would anyone listen to a bunch of Michigan Militia guys who stormed Detroit City Hall, occupied a six block radius with weapons, and kicked out the police? Hell No! and Rightfully so! Let us just look to Oregon and Lavoy Finicum and his death at the hands of then Obama’s FBI and Kate Brown’s Oregon State Police. Will Washington State Police Ambush each member who has taken over the six blocks of Seattle? Will they set up a roadblock or starve them out, why do they still have water, power, and gas?

Democrats have a motto! “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” They certainly are trying to capitalize on this one. President Trump has instructed the Governor to take control or he will. We have yet to see what that entails, but all in all we are lucky this did not happen in Portland, they almost did it. Vote Conservative on the ballot, make sure your friends do also, we need every vote.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats in Charge in Minneapolis, yet Trump gets Blame, Why?

Minneapolis still burning after police station torched, other ...

With the poll numbers for President Trump prior to George Floyd’s death being the highest they had ever been, something had to be done. Joe Biden was also polling the lowest among black voters of any Democrat since the 1960’s. Biden who said “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.” had made a case of his record among the black community, yet if you look at his record you can see he was in favor of mass incarceration of black youth, and the younger generation of black voters were favoring Trump at 41% in some polls.

So when an incident occurred having a white officer in a video apparently apathetically killing a black suspect. The video went viral, and this just weeks after a young man in Georgia was allegedly killed by three white vigilantes. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa took steps to railroad what were apparently peaceful protests and cause violence and looting. Democrats embraced this because they are backed into a corner, knowing that they have nothing to lose by embracing this, for they certainly were not going to win the 2020 election against Donald Trump, especially with the economy starting to recover since the pandemic.

Antifa is a group known for it’s violence against free speech, and any organization that does not agree with it. They have assaulted hundreds of people nationwide, many of color, and many of them sympathetic to many of the policies that protect and serve the black community. Make no mistake ladies and gentleman, we are in this election for the welfare of the country. If Democrats win the White House in this election, there will be four to eight years of race riots, overspending, wars, and embracing the rhetoric of the left, which often times is so silly that it is just fantasy.

With a Democratic Mayor, Council, Attorney General, Senators and Governor, Minnesota has to own all of this. Yet no one is holding Democratic policies to the fire here, they blame Trump, who put the law and order back in place for the country. We should be applauding the President, no blaming him, imagine if we had Barrack Obama in place for this event, he allowed the Ferguson Missouri riots to continue for more than a week, they invited the people responsible to the White House for dinner. A few self proclaimed Black Lives Matter people have killed police officer since the incident, with two being killed in Louisiana, and five in Dallas, Texas.

Written by Stephan Ball

Mattis, Has No Honor

Mattis drives wedge between Trump and Republicans - POLITICO
James Mattis, Former Marine General, Disgraced Himself in speaking against the President

As a Marine, we are taught to always be loyal to the Marine Corps, well I write this article to do just that. To call out a man who at one time might have been a decent Marine, but who has long since been corrupted by the influences of Washington D.C.

I am talking about Marine General (Ret.) James Mattis. Who has been the former Secretary of Defense, but was fired by President Trump for “wanting war” with Iran. Mattis denies this claim and said he resigned from his post. The reason I do not believe Mattis is simple, Mattis was in John McCain’s camp for many years, and McCain was well known for his hatred of Iran and his love for wars, additionally Barrack Obama fired Mattis for virtually the same thing, for lacking maturity, and for being too chaotic, and warlike.

So why does Mattis come out right now against the President’s proposed use of troops to quell riots? Well Joe Biden will need a Secretary of Defense, Mattis is out of a job currently, and still carries some politically clout in D.C. Why not use it if you have it, might just work himself into a new administration if by some weird mail in ballot fraud way Biden were to win the election.

Another Retired Marine General John Kelly came to Mattis’s defense saying that he was not aware that Mattis was fired by Trump. President Trump shut down Kelly with a tweet saying that General Kelly was not in the “inner circle” and so not privileged to the thoughts of the President at the time. Marines are supposed to stick together, or that is what people tell me Semper Fidelis means, I simply look at them and tell them Semper Fidelis means “always faithful” to the corps, to the constitution, and to the commander in chief, something both Mattis and Kelly have lost sight of.

General Kelly was also fired by President Trump, for incompetence. I love it when Trump fires swamp dwellers.

Written by Stephan Ball (former Marine, Soldier, and Police Officer)