Mattis, Has No Honor

Mattis drives wedge between Trump and Republicans - POLITICO
James Mattis, Former Marine General, Disgraced Himself in speaking against the President

As a Marine, we are taught to always be loyal to the Marine Corps, well I write this article to do just that. To call out a man who at one time might have been a decent Marine, but who has long since been corrupted by the influences of Washington D.C.

I am talking about Marine General (Ret.) James Mattis. Who has been the former Secretary of Defense, but was fired by President Trump for “wanting war” with Iran. Mattis denies this claim and said he resigned from his post. The reason I do not believe Mattis is simple, Mattis was in John McCain’s camp for many years, and McCain was well known for his hatred of Iran and his love for wars, additionally Barrack Obama fired Mattis for virtually the same thing, for lacking maturity, and for being too chaotic, and warlike.

So why does Mattis come out right now against the President’s proposed use of troops to quell riots? Well Joe Biden will need a Secretary of Defense, Mattis is out of a job currently, and still carries some politically clout in D.C. Why not use it if you have it, might just work himself into a new administration if by some weird mail in ballot fraud way Biden were to win the election.

Another Retired Marine General John Kelly came to Mattis’s defense saying that he was not aware that Mattis was fired by Trump. President Trump shut down Kelly with a tweet saying that General Kelly was not in the “inner circle” and so not privileged to the thoughts of the President at the time. Marines are supposed to stick together, or that is what people tell me Semper Fidelis means, I simply look at them and tell them Semper Fidelis means “always faithful” to the corps, to the constitution, and to the commander in chief, something both Mattis and Kelly have lost sight of.

General Kelly was also fired by President Trump, for incompetence. I love it when Trump fires swamp dwellers.

Written by Stephan Ball (former Marine, Soldier, and Police Officer)

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