Harrisburg Teacher Misty Bisby posts image of Cop with expletives.

Social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok and others often have people posting current events and their political views. But recently one social media post has gone viral not only in police communities but mothers groups sale sites and community pages. People everywhere are asking for Misty Bisby to be fired using the hashtag #FireMistyBisby.

Society is clamoring for the end or Racism and for Support for Police with Blue lives matter a Police support group invented to stop the murder of Cops. Black Lives Matter a group invented by far left Billionaire George Soros who also funds political activists to protest for brutality against Black Americans.

Misty Bisby’s post goes much further with an expletive aimed towards all Law Enforcement. It’s not a new phenomenon. Micah Johnson, a Texas man, carried out a ambush style attack on law enforcement officers killing 5 and injuring 9 others in 2016 after posting several similar expletive posts on social media.

We reached out to Bisby’s Principal Josh Stauber for comments.

Written by Marie

6 thoughts on “Harrisburg Teacher Misty Bisby posts image of Cop with expletives.

  1. Very offensive. Misty Bisby needs to be fired. Having “teachers” like her around children is part of the problem.


  2. Feel sorry for her students. Why didn’t flip her finger to blm and antifa while LOOTING, RIOTING AND MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE? Her type and the democrats will be the death of this country!!


  3. Shame on you and you’re teaching our young?!! shame on you, you better make a promise to America that you never call the police when you need their help. There might be somebody more important than you that needs them.


  4. This type of liberal BS is why my family all moved out of the people’s republic of Oregon. The teachers union was a great idea wasn’t it? Good luck removing this obnoxious vile excuse for a human being from her “job”. POS


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