Bolton’s Book a Boon for Trump

White House odd couple: Trump and Bolton's tumultuous relationship ...

Even Senior Democrats do not like John Bolton’s new book “The room where it happened.” With excerpts of negotiations with North and South Korea in the book, and Bolton’s own admission calling for swifter and stronger military actions against Iran, Syria, and North Korea not being listened too by President Trump he had no choice but to resign. North Korea said in a statement that Bolton publishing the events of their negotiations was unprofessional and reckless.

Upon reading the book, I think John Bolton just nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for showing restraint in areas where Democrats and Republicans have had problems showing restraint in the past with transgressions upon our sovereignty. With Iran’s shooting down of an unmanned drone Bolton called for a military strike that would have killed 150-200 Iranians, Trump refused, instead he determined to go the route of Diplomacy, this must have really stuck in the craw of an old warhawk like Bolton, who admitted on Fox in an interview with Brett Baier that being an advisor and not the decision maker was the reason he resigned for his post as the National Security Advisor.

John Bolton comes from a long line of old Warhawk Republicans, that have been phased out from the Bush administration and before. The people are tired of endless wars, one of the reasons we voted for Trump was him being against the invasion of Iraq, and wanting peace in Afghanistan, as the Father of a soldier who has been to Iraq, and may go to Afghanistan, I am sure happy Trump in in there. I do not see Biden getting us out of Afghanistan, and Trump has already had multiple peace talks with the Taliban. If you want America to be strong, but peaceful, then you need to be voting for Donald J. Trump come November.

Written by Stephan Ball

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