Is Segregation Wrong if You’re Trying to Protect People of Color?

Statement from Lincoln County Leadership 6.24.20 | Lincoln County ...
This is the county logo for the Oregon County that believed voluntary segregation of people of color was a good thing.

On June 11th, 2020 Lincoln County received documents from the Governor that informed them that they were one of seven counties in Oregon that was being asked to have people use masks when in public. Though not a law, it was a request, in their infinite wisdom Lincoln County decided to exempt “People of Color” from this request if they felt that wearing a mask would have people look at them in a negative light.

Many of the Democrats in the south after the Civil War enacted what are called the “Black Codes,” a set of laws set forth by Democrats all across the southern states for the safety of “black people and for the rest of the community”, that limited the things black people could do or say. While these were laws, this was the start of segregation, something our country is well aware of and something Democrats have a long history of. While I do not think that was the intent here, I think that it was the intent of the commissioners in this case to indeed protect people of color, however, that is why we have a Constitution for and a set of laws set before us. Making a new rule for people because you arbitrarily want to protect a minority group already protected is wrong for any reason or intent.

Changing the original rule the Governor sent down did not have to happen. Why did Lincoln County do it? Buckling to Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter Protests, Treating people differently because of their skin color is racism. In the memo below outlining the change they indicate how racist people had influenced them, without first accepting their own fault in the first place. We live in America, everyone is the same, no matter the color, no matter the class, no one is above the law and no one is exempt from it.

Written by Stephan Ball

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