June Jobs Report is Amazing for Trump.

Short Jewish Gal: Working Man

To the disappointment of Democrats who want Trump and America to fail prior to the election we have good news. In the June Jobs Report has told us that even in the midst of the Corona Virus the economy is too strong to fail with an increase of three million new jobs is good news. Contrary to Democrat’s wishes, who only pray for their candidate not to speak and for America to fail until the election so that their media can make him look as if he will be the salvation.

Vice President Mike Pence announced that President Trump is still fighting the virus, and that the Federal Government has no outstanding request for emergency supplies, With all needs currently met, and anticipated needs planned for President Trump seems ahead of where Democrats would have likely been during this. Democrats were critical of President Trump’s response to the virus, they called his response at first too strong, then they said he it was too weak. President Trump’s stroke of genius has been to give control of the virus response to the individual Governors of the states.

With these huge job numbers, the second subsequent increase in as many months. America seems to be recovering. Whether you think the virus is worthy of this response or not in the state you live, you have to be thankful that more people are getting back to work after approximately 30 million people were either laid off or fired during the pandemic.

Written by Stephan Ball

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