Oregon Finds No Peace in Portland

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The outside of the Hatfield Federal Building in Portland after a night of “peaceful” protests.

With 57 nights of riots/protests in Portland, we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, with the Main Stream Media finally moving on, evidently bored with the show. They knowingly let Oregon be a testing ground for the liberal ideology to take root, when most of the people arrested in one night during the riots are school teachers by trade we have to worry about the minds of our youth. Less than one hundred days until the election, this happened in 2016 with the Ferguson riots, Dallas, and Baton Rouge killing of police officers. The rioting virtually ceased for three years, that is until Democrats need to instill fear in the public again.

While I agree that the situation in Minneapolis was a horrible crime, committed by a very unprofessional group of police officers, I do not think the situation was motivated by race. The party of the KKK, the party of the slavers, needed a martyr, if it was not there it would have been somewhere else. Democrats need fear and hate to have a chance of winning, they cannot stand on anything else in this election.

President Trump had the economy booming, he had completed criminal justice reform, and lowered prescription prices, all things that Democrats had promised on but never delivered. Their hatred for him, being not from the establishment is what keeps them from working with him. He is not a politician, says mean things and does mean things, we did not elect a politician. Now that we know what it is like to put someone in office who is not a politician we should never elect another politician again. We need men and women like Trump, people who do what they say when they run, people who are not beholding to the large corporations or foreign governments.

It is each of our personal duty to call out crap when we see it. Point it out to our friends, educate those who say their vote does not matter, and who say it is a waste of time. Educate the ignorant, and lead the sheep of the left to the light of day. While you notice I keep religion out of my writing, as I believe that is a deeply personal decision for each person and that we should respect the personal beliefs of all people.

Rioting is not peaceful, as you can see with the photo above, some of these people who riot and agitate are not even from Oregon. These are the troubled people of their hometowns come to our Oregon to do this, our Governor, Senators, and even our congressional delegates have all turned on Oregon. I say we vote for Republicans Statewide, Alek Skarlatos is running against Peter Defazio in District 4 , we want Alek. Jo Rae Perkins is running against Jeff Merkley in Oregon for U.S. Senate, we want Jo Rae Perkins. Christopher Christenson is running against Suzanne Bonamici in District one, Christenson would be our choice. Alek Spenser against Cliff Bentz in District 2, with Bentz being the only choice. In District 3 we have Earl Blumenauer vs Joanna Harbour, Habour is our port in this storm. In District 5 we have Kurt Schrader vs. Amy Courser, and of course we want Courser to win there.

So get out the vote!

Written by Stephan Ball

Oregon State Election Auditor Confirms US DOJ Investigation

Deadline to register to vote May 19 in Oregon is Tuesday at 11:59 ...

If you will remember we did a story a few months back on 413 reported cases here in Oregon where people said their Voter Registration was changed. We think the number is much higher but we asked the state elections board if there was an investigation. They informed us there was not, and that they had not been contacted by the US Department of Justice regarding the matter either.

I have confirmed that the US Department of Justice has now been in contact with the state election board regarding the registrations being changed and an investigation is ongoing. In a rather blunt email received from the elections auditor’s office, they refused to answer my questions regarding the matter, they would only confirm that they had been contacted about the matter by the US DOJ and that if we wanted to know more we would have to contact them. We are awaiting response from the DOJ on the matter.

Written by Stephan Ball

Federal Officers in Portland Blinded by Lasers

Report: Three Federal Officers in Portland May Have Been ...
Slingshots, Pepperball, Urine, Lasers all used by Antifa, and BLM to injure officers.

Three Federal Officers have been blinded by lasers when terrorists in Portland used those lasers on Federal Officers who were protecting federal property after 55 days of ongoing attacks. Governor Brown, Senators Merkley and Wyden, along with Congressman Defazio have utterly failed Oregon with regards to rule of law, they along with Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland have allowed, sometimes even encouraged the protests by their opposing actions.

It is unknown if the blindness will permanent, only time will tell. Assault (Measure 11,) Assaulting a Federal Officer, Felony pointing of a laser device, Trespassing, and Rioting. Those are the charges you charge the rioters with, and anyone in the crowd who is doing it with them, charge them with accessory to all aforementioned crimes. Call your State Senator and State Representative, and tell them to make Brown and Wheeler do their jobs. I say Merkley, Wyden, Brown, Wheeler, and Defazio are all just as guilty as the people who are pointing the lasers.

In Oregon we as a people have always valued rule of law and it’s mix with allowing peaceful protests, the left tells you these protests are peaceful as a smoke screen, the leftist media portrays Moms and Veterans on the forefront of this, they are a screen for the real enemy, Antifa and BLM have a Marxist Agenda. The leader of BLM was quoted a few weeks ago, that if they did not get what they wanted they would burn it all down. Among the things BLM wants is abolishing prisons, and defunded police, reparations for being black. Not one person who was a slave in America is alive, nor is there one person who was a slaveowner alive.

Making reparations for an apparent lack of privilege, as a former police officer in Louisiana, I understand racism is real, not only is it targeted against blacks, but many hispanics, and asians as well, not to mention the reverse racism that exists in many of the inner cities of America. Racism is not the problem in America, the problem is the allowances of agitators, and rioting, the failure of the parental unit in the home. The kids nowadays who are doing the majority of the rioting are about the age that kids who we stopped spanking and started giving trophies for participating would be, coincidence?

America needs to get back to it’s fundamental rights and less government, we need to bring our military home, no more foreign wars, if countries attack us we fight a war we win we come home, we don’t try and fix their country in exchange for opium or oil. We just win and come home, we should be looking to politicians who want us out of wars, who want strong policing, who want American values in our schools, kids and homes. Remember to vote, make sure your friends and you vote for America.

Written by Stephan Ball

Armed Terrorists Attack Federal Officers Protecting Courthouse.

Federal agent draws handgun during clashes with Portland ...
As you can see lasers being shot at the officer who had just been attacked by ANTIFA.

With 54 days of rioting straight in Portland, and Mayor Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown at best apathetic to the plight of downtown Portland, President Trump has made the right call in using Federal Officers to protect the area surrounding the courthouse. With steel ball bearings, lasers, urine, pigs feet, and doughnuts being shot, pointed, and flung at officers, it is getting to a point of no return, as last night members of Antifa and BLM tackled an officer to the ground. The officer had to be rescued by another officer who then pulled his pistol and pointed it at the crowd.

With the continuation of violence likely, have we reached a point of no return, are we at a precipice of civil war? With KVAL showing 50% of the population of Oregon supporting the Federal Deployment there are clearly two sides to the issue, I would be against the deployment of Federal Officers/troops into Oregon as I was with the Lavoy Finnicum situation, However with our State Government and the City of Portland apparently disregarding the everyday citizen for the fringe, we need the President to step in and protect the civil rights of everyone involved.

Written by Stephan Ball

Oregon Governor and Portland Mayor are Committing a Felony.

Protesters Burn American Flags in Pioneer Courthouse Square as ...

ORS 162.415¹
Official misconduct in the first degree

(1)A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if:

(a)With intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

(A)The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

(B)The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties; or

(b)The public servant, while acting as a supervisory employee, violates ORS 162.405 (Official misconduct in the second degree) and is aware of and consciously disregards the fact that the violation creates a risk of:

(A)Physical injury to a vulnerable person;

(B)The commission of a sex crime as defined in ORS 163A.005 (Definitions for ORS 163A.005 to 163A.235) against a vulnerable person; or

(C)The withholding from a vulnerable person of necessary and adequate food, physical care or medical attention.

Read the statute carefully, and the fact that the Mayor and the Governor have allowed these riots to continue unabated and that injuries have happened is a pretty clear crime. When a public official deprives the public of protections guaranteed under the Oregon Constitution the rule of law, they have consciously disregarded the propensity for injury that is likely in that community.

With 54 days of protests in Portland ongoing, the only person who seems to be doing anything in Oregon is President Trump. With Senators Merkley and Wyden both calling for President Trump to remove those protections, Congressman Defazio also joined the blue crew and announced he wanted Trump to withdraw federal law enforcement, leaving the federal building at the mercy of Antifa and BLM rioters. The people who are truly on the hook for a crime though are Governor Brown, Mayor Ted Wheeler, and every single police officer that stands back and watches people hurt other people and does nothing to stop it.

As a retired police officer of 17 years, with most of that in Oregon, I can see that the police are just doing what they have been ordered to do, but that is not an excuse, they tried those excuses at the Nuremberg trials, that they were just following orders. If you are a police officer, you have taken a oath, a unlawful order from the Mayor or your Chief does not keep you from fulfilling that oath, if you can’t or won’t do the job leave the Portland Police Bureau, many departments are hiring nationwide and will allow you to do you’re sworn duty.

Use of lasers, bricks, slingshots, explosives against Federal Officers with apparent apathy from Governor, Senators, Congressional Candidates, Sheriff, Mayor.

Calls for comment to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department, and The Oregon Department of Justice were not returned.

Written by Stephan Ball

Trump endorsed by NAPO

NAPO President Michael McHale

Yesterday it was announced that President Trump will be endorsed by the National Association of Police Officers, With the Union President stating “So it’s with great pride that I announce on behalf of our National Association Police Organization our endorsement of President Donald J. Trump,” , later adding that he expects Trump to win in November while citing his signing of the Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act and other measures for the backing.

With Joe Biden doing nothing but hiding in the basement, not stopping his party’s call for defunding of police, McHale said that “they do nothing while we are attacked by violent rioters.” Instead of calling on their own party to stop the riots, they instead blame the police.

President Trump thanked the organization with a tweet, saying that he appreciated the endorsement. Unions usually do not endorse Republicans as Democrats have almost always been favored. With violence toward police on the rise, Donald Trump is seen as the law and order candidate.

Written by Stephan Ball

Brown, Merkley, Defazio, and Wyden Watch Oregon Burn

Photos: Damage to downtown Portland after overnight riot | KOIN.com
Elk Statue removed after fires severely damage base | KOIN.com
137) Here's a snapshot of where we've seen protests so far tonight

With Governor Kate Brown, Senators Merkley and Wyden and Congressman Defazio calling on Trump remove federal officers from Portland. After more than 50 days of near continued protests Trump has stepped in with a small force of Federal Marshals, Homeland Security, and other Agencies beginning to make arrests on self professed members of BLM and Antifa, alleged to have been committing acts of terror.

Many of the people of Portland are happy that Trump is doing something about this, in our poll more than 60% of Oregonians are happy with something being done to end the rioting in Portland, with 82% of those polled saying that they stay away from Portland because of the protests. With KVAL’s poll showing 91% of their viewers favoring Kate Brown’s recall, we may be rid of one of them soon, as Kate Brown recall petitions are all over the place, make sure to sign both of them.

My question for these Democrats is where were you when Lavoy Finnicum was brutally murdered on a small country road in Oregon by Federal and State Police? Where were you’re calls to remove federal officers then? Oh wait! it was a Democratic President helping out Kate Brown. This is different this is President Trump exposing Governor Brown’s lack of leadership, along with the corruption that exists among the Oregon Democrats. Well November is coming and nothing says screw you Merkley and Defazio like voting for Perkins and Skarlatos. So vote and get you’re friends to vote.

I am going to applaud President Trump and his actions, he is doing what Mayor Ted Wheeler, Kate Brown and Portland’s Police Chief are unable to do, he is making arrests, and he is fighting the war against Domestic Terror. Black Lives Matter had an opportunity when this all started to make a difference, but the wheels fell off the bus, they became violent, did not refrain or call for refraining from violence. In Atlanta a few weeks ago, an eight year old girl, Secoria Turner was gunned down by a self professed member of BLM, the parents of the girl even said that if Black lives mattered they would be in places like Chicago and New York protesting against Black on Black violence, This is about an agenda. Democrats try to take advantage of that agenda, and have ruined something that could have brought about real reform and change in policing.

Written by Stephan Ball

China Caught Sending Assault Weapon Parts to Antifa and BLM

Firearm Seizure
June 26th 2020 10,800 full auto conversion kits sent from China to Antifa and BLM recovered by USCBP

LOUISVILLE, Ky—At the Express Consignment Operations hubs in Louisville U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a shipment from China that contained over 10,000 Assault Weapons parts being smuggled into the country.

The shipment was seized on May 22. Officers inspected the item, which was arriving from Shenzhen, China, destined for a residence in Melbourne, Florida. The parcel was manifested as containing 100 Steel Pin Samples. This is a common practice of smugglers manifesting the contraband as a harmless or a legitimate commodity in hopes of eluding further examination.

“The importing of any type of munitions is regulated by the ATF,” said Thomas Mahn, Port Director, Louisville.  “This smuggler was knowingly trying to avoid detection, however, our officers remain vigilant, ensuring our community is safe.”  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulates and restricts firearms and ammunition. Importation of weapons or ammunition must be made by a licensed importer, dealer or manufacturer.

Officers referred the shipment to the CBP Center of Excellence and Expertise, Machinery team who appraised the shipment with a domestic value of $129,600.

CBP’s border security mission is led at ports of entry by CBP officers from the Office of Field Operations.  CBP officers use a variety of techniques to intercept narcotics, unreported currency, weapons, prohibited agriculture, and other illicit products, and to assure that global tourism remains safe and strong. 

Please visit CBP Ports of Entry to learn more about how CBP’s Office of Field Operations secures our nation’s borders.

Because of the recent high intensity of riots involving Antifa and BLM in America, and the direct connections of those organizations and Democrats like Kate Brown and Gavin Newsom to the Communist Regime in China, With these parts capable to turning over 10k AR-15 into full auto rifles, this benefits China by causing unrest and more violence in the wake of the US cracking down on the Chinese Communist Regime.

Written by Stephan Ball