Brown, Merkley, Defazio, and Wyden Watch Oregon Burn

Photos: Damage to downtown Portland after overnight riot |
Elk Statue removed after fires severely damage base |
137) Here's a snapshot of where we've seen protests so far tonight

With Governor Kate Brown, Senators Merkley and Wyden and Congressman Defazio calling on Trump remove federal officers from Portland. After more than 50 days of near continued protests Trump has stepped in with a small force of Federal Marshals, Homeland Security, and other Agencies beginning to make arrests on self professed members of BLM and Antifa, alleged to have been committing acts of terror.

Many of the people of Portland are happy that Trump is doing something about this, in our poll more than 60% of Oregonians are happy with something being done to end the rioting in Portland, with 82% of those polled saying that they stay away from Portland because of the protests. With KVAL’s poll showing 91% of their viewers favoring Kate Brown’s recall, we may be rid of one of them soon, as Kate Brown recall petitions are all over the place, make sure to sign both of them.

My question for these Democrats is where were you when Lavoy Finnicum was brutally murdered on a small country road in Oregon by Federal and State Police? Where were you’re calls to remove federal officers then? Oh wait! it was a Democratic President helping out Kate Brown. This is different this is President Trump exposing Governor Brown’s lack of leadership, along with the corruption that exists among the Oregon Democrats. Well November is coming and nothing says screw you Merkley and Defazio like voting for Perkins and Skarlatos. So vote and get you’re friends to vote.

I am going to applaud President Trump and his actions, he is doing what Mayor Ted Wheeler, Kate Brown and Portland’s Police Chief are unable to do, he is making arrests, and he is fighting the war against Domestic Terror. Black Lives Matter had an opportunity when this all started to make a difference, but the wheels fell off the bus, they became violent, did not refrain or call for refraining from violence. In Atlanta a few weeks ago, an eight year old girl, Secoria Turner was gunned down by a self professed member of BLM, the parents of the girl even said that if Black lives mattered they would be in places like Chicago and New York protesting against Black on Black violence, This is about an agenda. Democrats try to take advantage of that agenda, and have ruined something that could have brought about real reform and change in policing.

Written by Stephan Ball

4 thoughts on “Brown, Merkley, Defazio, and Wyden Watch Oregon Burn

  1. Our governor encourages the disruption, rioting, destruction and injuries being inflicted on Portland. If the violence had been addressed months ago Portland wouldn’t look like a 3rd world country, Federal agencies would not be needed to protect Federal buildings Portland police should be protecting. Our democrat “leaders” encourage this violence for purely political purposes.


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