Armed Terrorists Attack Federal Officers Protecting Courthouse.

Federal agent draws handgun during clashes with Portland ...
As you can see lasers being shot at the officer who had just been attacked by ANTIFA.

With 54 days of rioting straight in Portland, and Mayor Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown at best apathetic to the plight of downtown Portland, President Trump has made the right call in using Federal Officers to protect the area surrounding the courthouse. With steel ball bearings, lasers, urine, pigs feet, and doughnuts being shot, pointed, and flung at officers, it is getting to a point of no return, as last night members of Antifa and BLM tackled an officer to the ground. The officer had to be rescued by another officer who then pulled his pistol and pointed it at the crowd.

With the continuation of violence likely, have we reached a point of no return, are we at a precipice of civil war? With KVAL showing 50% of the population of Oregon supporting the Federal Deployment there are clearly two sides to the issue, I would be against the deployment of Federal Officers/troops into Oregon as I was with the Lavoy Finnicum situation, However with our State Government and the City of Portland apparently disregarding the everyday citizen for the fringe, we need the President to step in and protect the civil rights of everyone involved.

Written by Stephan Ball

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